Friday, 26 March 2010

Small Haul: Chanel and Dior


About 3 weeks ago there was a Debenhams Spectacular sale… thing. Beauty normally get’s about 10% off or so, which is good enough for me.


I needed some new mascara and a new setting powder so I thought why not treat myself? I ended up buying DiorShow Black Out and Chanel’s Poudre Universelle Compacte (in translucent).





Obviously the powder doesn’t look anything like that any more I got both of them for less than £50 – which is a lot to spend on two items of make up, I know. I’m regretting it a bit now. But the mascara is brilliant and is only going to get better over the next week or two and the powder is ok. I might do reviews on both later.


Monday, 8 March 2010

Ins and Outs #3.



  • Finally being back at uni – I’m no longer bored out of my mind for 80% of the day.
  • Work’s going really well at the moment too – lot’s of fun.
  • Chargrilled Chicken. It’s so yummy.
  • Red grapes – much sweeter than green ones. Yay fruit!


  • Being back at uni – I have a lot more work this semester and it’s bogging me down.
  • The flat is falling down around us – if something can break or go wrong, it probably has or will do in the next week.
  • Constantly craving cookies. My thighs aren’t happy.
  • All the books I need for an essay being checked out the library.

I hope you all had a nice weekend. Going to try and get something of substance written for tomorrow.


Saturday, 6 March 2010

Promises of 2010: Update #2

How is everyone else doing with sticking to their New Years resolutions and promises then? Hopefully as bad as me – it would make me feel a bit better!

Love and Life.
My boyfriend and I are still as strong as ever, thankfully. Getting ready to move in with him in a couple of months is a little bit scary though. We live together now, but it doesn’t really feel like we do – university accommodation does that to you, I suppose. I’m really excited though. I read The Time Traveller’s Wife last month as well – it was much longer than I expected, but I enjoyed it a lot – the film isn’t as good but it still made me cry. Toxic friends? The less I talk about that the better. And blogging more? Well that didn’t work out very well when I started back at uni!

2010savings Those of you who flick back to my last post through the tags will notice that this is exactly the same as last month – still only £100. Starting back at university has been a little bit expensive this month – textbooks to buy and pubs to visit. Hopefully next month I can get back on track! I’m still spending a lot of money I shouldn’t be – but I’m getting better! Much better.

So far I’ve been to all but two of my lectures this semester. I think I’ve had about 25 or so though, so it’s pretty good. The two I missed were an introductory lecture and then one which I already knew about the subject matter. I’ve also been trying to take better notes, though I still have a lot to catch up on. I’ve got two essay’s to do this semester – one for a week on Wednesday and then one for the middle of April. I’m going to do the shorter one this week and then try and get the April due essay done before the mid-semester break at the start of April.

Nails are still being bitten. It’s not nice. I’m going to have to really try to get this habit sorted. I just haven’t had time to reapply the nail varnish I use that stops me from biting for a while. As sad as an excuse as that sounds. I’ve also tried to start eating better – in fact, I think today I actually had at least 4 of my 5 a day (though learning that the Japanese Government recommends their citizens eat 12 or 13 a day has made me feel terrible).

So on the whole… not going brilliantly. But I’m still toddling along. Slowly but surely.


Friday, 5 March 2010

Film Review: Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland


I’m trying very hard to think of ways to write this review without encouraging the wrath of Disney (because we all know how that feels, don’t we Odeon, Vue and Cineworld?). I went to see Alice in Wonderland this afternoon, because if I didn’t see it today, I probably wouldn’t have went to see it at all. And I kind of wish I hadn’t.

It’s not a long film and not very much happens. It’s pretty to look at, but there’s no real depth. Plus, fans of the original version(s) of Alice probably won’t like this film very much – it’s most definitely only to be enjoyed by the Tim Burton Brigade.

The acting leaves a lot to be desired by the girl playing Alice. It’s all shaky and pathetic and just does not compare to the big names she stars alongside with. Anne Hathaway stole the film, in my opinion. Her portrayal of the White Queen was very Nigella Lawson meets absent-minded fairy and was just completely enjoyable. I’m not going to talk about Johnny Depp’s “Scottish” accent. I couldn’t understand him a lot of the time, to be honest.

Would I recommend people go and see it? Not really. And definitely no in 3D. It adds pretty much nothing to the film and is just going to cost you a couple more pounds to look like a prat in the glasses.

I’m saddened that I couldn’t give this film a more positive review, but it certainly is what I’ve been expecting all along.



I have to apologise so much for disappearing for three weeks there. I started back at uni and I really am so busy it’s unreal. I’ll try and get a few posts out next week, but I really can’t promise anything.

I hope everyone’s well and has a good weekend.