Monday, 30 November 2009

Review: AirWick Winter Collection Vanilla Candle

candleApologies for the bad pictures – had to take them very quickly before the camera battery ran out.

It’s winter.
I think we’re all very much aware of that. It’s gloomy, it’s doomy and it just makes me feel cold and down. Rather than drink or eat myself to happiness, I’m trying something which my mum pushed on me during Autumn. Scents. More specifically candles and oils. Before I moved back to university, I spent much of August and September surround by the fragrance of apples and cinnamon courtesy of my mum’s new found love of oil burners.

This got me thinking as I left work last night. It had been a horrible day – extremely busy and messy and everyone seemed to have something to complain about. I had intended to got to Tesco and take up their two for £3 Ben and Jerry’s offer, but stopped when I went past the home cleaning aisle. I could smell the candles from about two metres away. The apple and cinnamon oil had been a wonderful compliment to a long day and night, but not exactly my cup of tea.

As I surveyed the candles I found the one which I knew was absolutely perfect for me. It was AirWick’s Winter Collection – Vanilla and Festive Spice. I’m a sucker for anything vanilla smelling or tasting so it went straight into my basket. Thankfully, there was no Ben and Jerry’s left when I got to the freezer aisle so I picked up a carton of Carte D’or Light Vanilla instead. I’m sure my hips will thank me.

The product.
The little box it comes in allows you have a quick smell of it before you buy it to make sure it is something you like. While solid though, the candle obviously has a slightly waxy smell which can be hard to overlook, so go for something you know you do like. The description on the back of the box says “A warm festive blend of spice and vanilla orchid.”, however I definitely do not smell any spice – a plus for me though.

The glass which the candle is actually in is nice and thick and heavy. The tapered bottom of the glass means that if it is accidentally knocked over, providing that it isn’t anywhere near the edge of the surface, it shouldn’t tip completely. However, as always with candles, keep them on a sturdy surface and never leave unattended – this should mean that it has no reason to tip over.

The positives are the smell. I love vanilla. And the smell lingers. I had it lit for about two or three hours on Saturday night and I could still smell it yesterday afternoon at 2pm.

The negatives involve the glass. The rims goes black with smoke so you might want to clean it to keep it looking pretty. The high edges of the glass mean the candle is also quite difficult to light without burning yourself unless you have long matches.

I love this candle, and will probably buy it again – even if I do hate the depth of the glass. It smells divine, sweet and most definitely put a smile on my face after a horrible day. Out of 5, I’d give it a 4.5, purely for the need for long matches. You can get it in Tesco for only £3 – and it won’t put any weight on your hips like those two tubs of Ben and Jerry’s will.


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

How to have a tea party…

Or just about any silly themed party!

teapartySee the full-sized image by sweetkendi at flickr here. 

The weather has been absolutely horrible the in the UK over the past week – it really makes me not want to go outside for fear of being blown away in the strong winds. So rather than mope about all day (and to have a break from studying for exams), why don’t you have a tea party? Or a milkshake party? Or just about any kind of party you can thing of!

What you need:
To have a wonderful party you’ll need to ask all of your favourite friends to come, and to also bring something for the party. If, for example, you have a simple tea party have each friend bring their favourite variety of tea bag and some sweet treats or miniature sandwiches. That way there’s something new for everyone to try, but also everyone’s favourites!

The atmosphere:
Don’t just sit about in the lounge – create a beautiful party space. Add table cloth (or go to the charity shop and get a lovely patterned old curtain) to the coffee table and some flowers; blow up balloons and fill the room with them; make your own streamers. The ways you can decorate for your party are numerous – and a majority are cheap and cheerful. Play some of your favourite cheesy music or tune the radio to Classic FM – just make sure to choose some music which fits your party’s theme well!

Here’s a couple of ideas for some different parties:

  • Milkshake party
    Everyone brings a tub of their favourite ice cream and some plain milk. Using a blender, add a cup of milk and a scoop of ice cream. Blend for 30 seconds and you have an instant milkshake. Or, why not make a mixed-up-milkshake? Use two different flavours of ice cream and see what wonderful mixes you can come up with.
  • Make up party
    Everyone brings some make up that they no longer use (nail varnishes and eye shadows are brilliant for this kind of party) and everyone can swap around. This means that make up which is usable, but maybe no long a favourite, gets a new lease of life and a new owner.
  • Dip party
    Get all your friends to make a different dip and bring it to the party. Cut up some celery sticks, break sticks or whatever you want to use to dip into them and feast! You never know which one of your friends might be able to make the most creamy and delicious dip!

Tell me your ideas for parties or if you’ve ever done anything like this – I would love to know that I’m not the only silly person out there.


Monday, 23 November 2009

False lashes:


Nothing completes a good face of make up more than long, striking and full eyelashes. If I could, I’d probably wear them everyday. I think though, that I Heart Red Cherry could make that dream a possibility. They only charge $1.99 for a set of lashes. And they have a lot of lashes.

Natural, dramatic, bottom lashes and even outrageous party lashes – if you need lashes you can probably find the perfect ones there. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m going to soon. You can get up to about $30 worth of merchandise shipped to the UK for only $6.99. I’m just waiting for the exchange rate to drop in our favour again, or for the website to do another 99c per pair sale like they one they had on back in September.

lash1 lash47 lash106

I’ll definitely be buying lashes 1, 47 and 106 – for less than $6 (which at today's exchange rate is a measly £3.60!) you have three fabulous pairs of lashes. I don’t think I’ve even seen a single pair of lashes for only £3.60 in Boots or Superdrug.

What lashes would you buy?


Saturday, 21 November 2009

A little guide to cleaning.

cleaningSee the full sized image by Miss Chien at flickr here. 

Spick and span.
I took the afternoon off of university yesterday due to feeling a bit ill and being extremely tired. Rather than lie in bed or watch TV though, I tidied up my room, because it seriously looked like a bomb had hit it. So I’m going to tell you all a few of my top tips for tidying.

Piles of stuff, to be more precise. My favourite way to tidy is to first sort the mess into piles. Whether it’s piles of clothes, papers or make up, or if you make piles by where things are stored, it gets everything that goes together, well, together! This means that when you’re hanging clothes back up in the cupboard you can decide which items should have which hangers (depending on the garment), or you can put all that university work into the right order without having to go back when you find a page of notes hiding under the bed.

Realistic targets.
If you’re room is really bad it’s unlikely you’re going to get it all done in one go, so it’s a good idea to make some realistic time targets to work too. Promising yourself one episode of Friends once you’ve tidied up your desk is a good incentive to work quicker!

A tidy room also means there’s nothing for you to procrastinate with if you have an essay due or if you’re supposed to be studying!

I hope everyone has a good weekend. I’m working a full weekend this week to deal with the New Moon crowds. I would avoid your local cinema!


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A little shopping…

To get me through the next month and a half of Christmas festivities and spending money on everyone else. I was quite disappointed with my trip around town, but I still managed to find some nice little things to pick up.

As usual, I hit New Look and that’s where I got the two clothing purchases from last week. This lovely knitted dress is quite cosy and the rib detailing is a nice point, though hopefully people won’t be staring at my breasts too much… Grey’s such an easy and neutral colour as well – I’ve been wearing it with black tights and a black cardigan, but I think next time I’ll through a little blue into the mix. I don’t have any pictures of this at the moment, but it was £20 (£18 with student discount).

The shoes were a very impulsive buy. I was sick of the shoes I had normally been wearing out and really didn’t want anything with a massive platform as I find it quite difficult to deal with the extra height – my legs are long enough thank you very much. Peep toe and glittery and I love them. Though I probably should have left them as they only had sixes left and they’re about half a size too big for me. I don’t have any pictures of these at the moment either but they were £25 (£22.50 with student discount).

And finally, I succumbed to all the other blog posts about them. I got a Sleek palette – the original one. My Superdrug was quite low on stock of the palettes so they must be flying off the shelf. They only had the Original and Storm in stock, though they did have the tester for the Graphite one. I was so impressed with this. So impressed. I’ve been using one of the pale shimmery pinks (second from the left on the bottom row) and the gold/yellow one from the palette over the weekend and couldn’t believe the staying power it had and the pigmentation (over my Urban Decay Primer Potion, of course). It lasted the 13 hours I’ve had them on for and I’m sure it could have lasted a few more quite easily.

It was about £4.87 – definitely less than a fiver! On an unrelated note, I can’t believe that some of the Graphite palettes are going for close to £30 on eBay, if not more!!! They’re brilliant eye shadows, sure, but come on people - £30!? For more info on the Sleek Palettes have a look at this post at Cosmic Candy.

The rest of today is going to be spent studying, working and maybe sneak peeking New Moon… oh excited!


Monday, 16 November 2009

Review: Derma Intensive 3in1 Fragranced Wipes

I’ll admit it. Sometimes I’m really lazy when taking off my make up is concerned. Especially after a night out or if I’ve been working late. I just want to go to bed with a clean face and not worry about if there’s any hot water left to wipe off the remnants of my make up. For a long time I kept a packet of baby wipes in my room for this, not really wanting to fork out more than £1 for something which I’ll be throwing out straight away and with only 20 or 30 wipes per pack. It just seemed wasteful to me.

I was browsing the beauty and toiletries aisle of my rather small Tesco when these wipes caught my eye. Derma Intensive 3in1 Fragranced Wipes – 25 for only 92p. Yes, only 92p. Obviously I was quite dubious when I saw the price, but I thought for less than £1 it was worth the gamble (and my boyfriend might have been grumbling at me to get a move on).

dermaPlease excuse the mattress background – I’m half way through tidying my room! 

That night I decided I would use the wipes every night for a week to see the real effects of them and pulled the first one out. My first impression was that they were a bit smaller than I expected for face wipes, but I soldiered on. They’re not too thin and not too thick, which means it’s really easy to push them across your face and feel the right pressure for you. I was really impressed by how quickly they took off my eye make up. With only four swipes my liquid eyeliner, mascara and primer-ed eyeshade was completely gone. There was only one downside though, in my opinion.

The smell. I really can’t stand the smell.

It’s not that they smell bad – just a bit too soapy and clinical for my taste, but then I’m used to the soft powdery smell of baby wipes. That’s the only downside I’ve been able to find for them. Obviously, face wipes really aren’t a substitute for washing your face with a good cleanser or scrub, but these work well. I had a slight break out of my forehead when I was using them, but that was more to do with the hat I wear at work than the wipes.

So, I would really recommend these to anyone who wants face wipes for when they come home from a late night out, but the smell is not going to be to everyone’s liking. If I had to give them marks out of 5, I’d give around 3 and a half – one point lost for the smell and the other half point for the size and just being face wipes. At only 92p though, they’re most definitely worth popping in your basket next time you go on your weekly shopping.


Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday Finds #8

friday finds

Another week has came to a close and it’s time for some senseless websites to occupy you’re free time this weekend.

Debenhams Christmas Spectacular Previews
This weekend, Saturday 14th until Monday the 16th you can get an exclusive preview of the Christmas Spectacular at Debenhams and online. Up to 25% off all your favourite Debenhams brands, including 10% off all cosmetics and fragrances. Online, use the code P7WP for 20% off fashion and home and code P6RP for 10% off cosmetics and fragrances. The main Christmas Spectacular event will be taking place on the 18th until the 21st of November.

Make the perfect cocktail.
cocktailff Have a treat this weekend and make yourself the perfect cocktail. Using inthespirit you can find out how to make your favourite cocktail or search for one with your favourite flavours, spirit or even colour in some cases. Of course, please drink responsibly.

The image used is by rebecca-lily and you can see the full-sized version here.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Must See Movies.

I work in a cinema. I think I’ve mentioned it before. Anyways. I see most of the new films as they’re coming out (though I don’t think I’ll be going to see Jennifer’s Body any time soon if I’m being honest. I could talk about films I’ve seen recently and tell you to go and see them, but I think I’m going to talk about two films which are out in the next week and a half which I am absolutely dying to see.

Harry Brown (out Wednesday)


Described as a "modern urban western," the titular Harry Brown (Caine) is an elderly widower and former Royal Marine who has lived to see his South London neighbourhood overrun by violent gangs, drugs and crime. When his best friend Leonard (Bradley) is brutally murdered and the gang leader (Plan B) responsible walks free, Harry finds himself snapping. Soon, his desire for revenge leads to the vigilante facing up to the young thugs, with terrifying results.”

The first time I saw this advertised was just before I saw Saw VI for the first time so my mind wasn’t very focused. The second time I watched Saw VI and when I went to see The Men Who Stare At Goats on Monday it was the only trailer that I could actually remember. The little snippet above makes the film sound well… not very good if I’m being honest but you simply must watch the trailer. It looks gritty and real and just absolutely amazing. I’m really looking forward to it. Michael Caine is a wonderful actor.

Twilight: New Moon (out next Friday 00.01am)


I don’t think I need to give a description or explanation. It’s probably going to be just as bad as the first one, but I just have to see it. I can’t not see it. And I’m definitely much more excited than any 19 year old probably should be. I already have my tickets for the midnight showing… do you?

What films are you most looking forward to?


Monday, 9 November 2009

My Christmas Wish List

I know, I know – it’s only November. But it’s never hurt anyone to be organised. In fact, I’ve already bought a couple of Christmas presents and have ideas for ones I still need to buy – and with the Postal Strikes cancelled I’m feeling a little bit better about shopping online. My wish list consists of a couple of things that I will be getting, but also a couple of things which I will never be getting in a million years – but I can wish!

  • The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook

    I’ve mentioned this book before (where I got the brilliant brownie recipe courtesy of Afeitar and I want a copy for myself. Don’t worry, I’ve already hinted very strongly to my boyfriend who now has this saved in his bookmarks…
  • cuteoverload

    Another give which has been heavily hinted at. Everyone knows about and everyone loves cute animals. Sadly I don’t always have time to check it every single day and some times end up with a back log of posts to look at. With this desktop page a day calendar I can look at a cute animal every single day!

  • Soul Cal Knitted Dress
    miswishI’m obsessed with this dress so much. Isn’t it adorable? The sad thing is it’s only available online in grey in a size 8 and I don’t think there’s any grey in any size left in my local shop. I will have this dress though… somehow.

  • Lace Block Poplin Dress
    topwish It’s so simple and pretty but expensive for what it is and it must be mine. I don’t even know how I would wear this often enough to make it worth while, but I think it’s a brilliant way to be part of the lace trend.

  • Fragrances:

    Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel & Angel by Thierry Mugler
    Flower Bomb by Victor and Rolf & Armani Code by Armani
  • kitchen

    Oh imagine all the cookies and cakes and muffins and brownies I could make with this bad boy… girl? I would never ever be out the kitchen.
  • Billy Book Case
    case”Eww, white!” I can hear every single one of you say but hear me out. White can be painted. Any colour. With any design. Now you see my drift? I need a book case badly, but I’m not allowed any extra furnishings in the flat where I live at the moment – but as soon as I’m in a new flat I will be getting one. Or maybe someone kind enough will get me one for Christmas…

  • Tiffany & Co. Crown Key Pendant in White Gold


    I only wear white gold – which annoys everyone. People moan that I don’t wear enough acessories/jewellery and now, dear blog readers, you know why. I’m a jewelley snob. I feel sorry for whoever has to buy me an engagement ring… Sadly I think this is a wish wish wish buy as it’s well over £1000…

  • Tiffany & Co. Double Heart Pendant
    tiffdoubheartOooh hello hearts and white gold and diamonds… and a £1500+ price tag.

  • Nintendo Wii
    wii  And obviously Guitar Hero, Wii Fit, Mario Kart… I could actually buy one for myself, but I still have some Christmas presents to buy first… and maybe Uggs.

That’s my list. What do you guys all have in mind for your Crimbo swag?


Friday, 6 November 2009

Free with this month’s Glamour: Nails Inc. Polish

Magazine Junkie
I know, I know, I need to stop buying magazines, but with offers like this I don’t think I’ll be able to. In the December Glamour (out now) you can get your hands on a full sized Nails Inc. polish in a light pink, hot pink, red or dark purple/black. I choose the light pink. Now all I need to do is stop biting my nails…

Also inside, which was a little bit of a pleasant surprise since it’s not mentioned on the cover, is an interview with Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone and a couple of cute shots of them – and there’s no reference to Twilight anywhere! Not that I would object…


Thursday, 5 November 2009

A quick guide to manners and politeness.

etiquetteSee the full sized image by KnitXcorE @ Flickr here.

Mind your P’s and Q’s.
I’ve worked behind a till for three years now in a chemist and a cinema. Very different jobs and very different clientele. Last night, I was sitting having a think about work as I put this weeks hours in my diaries and I realised that while the ill and sick were thankful when I helped and served them in the chemist, the cinema-goers are certainly not. In fact, just two nights ago twenty-something year old man tried to be “subtle” and make me feel stupid under his breath for “forgetting” something he hadn’t actually asked for. Obviously the baseball cap gives me mind reading abilities and lowers my IQ by about 25%. And not once during the whole transaction did him or his partner say please or thank you.

That really gets up my nose.

It’s three simple words which should be second nature to everyone. While it’s possible at home and with friends I’m not always mindful of my manners, I most certainly am in public – shops, restaurants, work and university.

Three simple rules.
It’s not difficult to be polite. It really isn’t. Here’s a list of some of my personal habits and just common sense:

  1. Asking for something? Say please!
    May I have a large coke, please?”
    ”A return to the uni, please.”
  2. Been given something or have someone performed a service for you? Say thank you!
    While getting off a bus - “Thanks!”
    When handed change in a shop - “Thank you!”
  3. Bumped into someone or got in their way? Apologise!
    Oops, sorry about that.”
    ”Excuse me.”
    ”So sorry.”

It’s just three simple words. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had to prompt people to say please (and I do it!) because I don’t feel I should be spoken at – I should be spoken to. Just because someone’s scanning tins in Tesco or serving McFries in McDonalds does not necessarily mean they are stupid and it most certainly does not make them less than a person.

Tell me about some of your manner pet peeves or a time someone was inherently rude to you – it’s good to get it out your system!


Ps. I just had to show you this picture I found when I was searching flickr – it gave me a good giggle alright.toilet

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Brand Love: Miso @ Republic


I don’t know what it is about them. The lace, the florals, the pretty designs or the very fair prices. All I know if that I love Miso. Available at Republic, I had to stop myself just yesterday from going in and buying something when I was meant to be getting a new umbrella. Here’s some of my favourite pieces from the first couple of pages on the website (some that I would sadly never fit into properly, but some that I may buy soon…):

1. Photo Floral Top £16.99
2. Waterfall Cardigan £19.99

3. Lace Tunic £22.95
4. Racer Vest Top £19.99

5. Bow Cotton Dress £24.99
6. Sleeveless Shrug £16.99

7. New Vintage Cardigan £24.99
8. Lace Bow Dress £24.99

I have very nearly bought the floral tops twice now and I’ll be hunting out the Lace Bow Dress next time I’m in store to try it on and see if my boobies will fit into it! Isn’t it just gorgeous!?