Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Simple But Tasty #2: Spaghetti Carbonara


I love pasta dishes – my hips and thighs don’t though! However I had to share this with you. It’s definitely tasty, but maybe not quite so simple. But, I figure if I can cook it right the first time, then everyone else can as well! I used this recipe to feed three, however that was at a push. Adjust quantities as you see fit.

You will need:
8 rashers of back bacon (smoked or unsmoked)
3 garlic cloves (crushed and diced)
1/2 of an onion (or more if you prefer)
3 eggs
200ml double cream
75g of grated Parmesan cheese
Spaghetti (portions are up to you – I just guessed!)
Mushrooms (as many/little as you want – I added a few for my boyfriend and flatmate)
3tsp olive oil

1) Start the spaghetti to cook. It can be left to it’s own devices while you’re preparing the sauce.

2) Heat the oil in a frying pan and throw in the diced up onion and garlic. Chop up the bacon (removing as much of the rind as you can) and throw that into fry as well.

3) While the spaghetti is boiling and the bacon frying, mix up the 3 eggs, the double cream and cheese in a bowl together. It won’t look very appealing. But it will when it’s all combined!

4) When the spaghetti is cooked, drain it. Pop it back into the pan and add the now fried bacon, onion and garlic before adding the sauce. Mix it altogether on a lower heat until the cheese is basically melted and it looks and smell delicious.

5) Serve immediately – add a salad or some garlic bread to make a real meal out of it.

I found a lot of the ingredients where just guesstimations. You’ll know how much of everything you’ll personally need for whoever your feeding though. Enjoy!


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