Sunday, 18 April 2010

Blogsale #1

My first blogsale. I just need to get rid of this stuff (and I need the money!). I have feedback on eBay and on Livejournal’s TSUK if anybody would like to see it. This stuff must goooooo!

- No trades; I really need the extra space and money.
- Price includes postage and PayPal fees.
- I can do offers on more than one item.
- Make me an offer on stuff anyways, as long as it’s not completely ridiculous, I’ll probably say yes.
- I won’t be able to post these until Tuesday as I’m at uni all day tomorrow.
- I can get more accurate measurements no problem.

Please note that I will be at work from 1.30pm until 10pm or so, so may not be able to get back to you until tomorrow morning.


1. River Island Black and Silver Sparkle Vest-Dress, size 12 -  £7
- Comes to mid thigh
- Quite stretchy
- Worn a handful of times
- Cost about £16 brand new last summer.
- Closer view of the sparklyness. It’s looks grey, but it is most definitely black with silver sparkles:

2. Primark Grey and White men's cardi - size Men's Small (Would fit a 10 to 14 I reckon!) - £4
- Worn once
- No missing buttons or pulls

3. Miso (Republic) Brown Knit Jumper with Plait Sleeves - size 10 - £7
- Worn twice, if that
- Would comfortably a size 12
- Sleeve details:

4. New Look Bubble Hem and Sequin Grey Dress - size 8 - £10
- Quite heavy to post
- Better for bustier ladies; I'm a size 12 with 30E/F boobies and it was still a bit scary to wear for fear of a slip!
- No missing sequins as far as I can see
- Only worn once

5. Dorothy Perkins Black Embelished Neck Dress - size 10 - £12
- Only worn once and was about £30 new!
- I pull up the bottom hem and make it kinda bubble dress-ish, if you can imagine what I mean. Makes it quite short though!
- Detail of neck:

- No missing sequins - they just wouldn't lie flat!

6. New Look Grey/Black/Slate Yoga Pants - size 10 - £4.50
- I'm not sure what to name the colour, they're kind of faded black, but that's the colour they were when bought
- Normal leg length, about 32 inches or so.
- Stretchy waistband, the tie is only for decoration.

7.Internacionale Black Short Shorts - size 10 - £5
- Made of a sort of polyester so they’re a little bit shiney.
- I had a do a quick mend job on the hem on one of the legs, didn't get a very good picture though:

-It definitely needs neatened up - I can do this before they're sent out, or I can knock the price down if you want to leave it and do it yourself.

9. Quiz Grey and Silver Short Pleat Skirt - size 12 - £6
- Invisible zip at the back
- The buckle is only decoration, I stitched it down as it just kept coming apart
- Size 12 is the upper limit of this skirt - probably better for a size 10!

10. Logo Black Pleat Skirt - size 14 - £4.50
- Worn a lot, but still a strong black colour
- Invisible zipe at the back or side - can't quite remmeber.
- Definitely not for a size 14, a size 12 is the upper limit for this skirt!
- Sorry it's creased, I can iron before sending out!

11.Warehouse Embelished Neck Top - size 12 - £5
- Worn once or twice
- Close up of the sequins:

- Various sizes of beads and sequins
- Close up of the one imperfections:

- The sequin is still attached, but I'm not sure how to tight it up. I can have a fiddle with it, or leave it like that for a little bit cheaper.

12. Quiz Black Sequin Detail Top - size 12 - £7
- Lovely stretchy top
- No sequins missing
- Definitely for the brave - makes boobies redonkudonkulous!


13. TopShop Pearl and Bead Strechy Bracelet - £4.50
- The ribbon can be untied to make the bracelets individual, I think. Never tried!
- Only worn once.

14. New Look Long Dull Silver Necklace - £4
- Long length - reaches just below my boobs.
- TopShop had a similar necklace, but it was much more expensive!
- Worn a handful of times.

15. I Love You Necklace - £3.50
- Worn a handful of times.
- Some slight yellow discolouration on the chain, I couldn't get a brilliant picture of it though. It's about an inch a half long.
- I don't know how easy it would be to clean off the discolouration.

16. H&M Silver Heart Necklace - £3.50
- This is slightly longer length than most normal necklaces. Hangs somewhere in the middle of my cleavage

17. Tiny Turtle Necklace - £3.50
- Worn once
- The turtle is kind of wooden and the chain is gold coloured.

18. Mini Piano Necklace - £3.50
- The charm is a distressed gold colour and the chain is gold colour
- The lid of the piano opens, but I couldn't get a very good picture:

19. Pink Plastic Bow Bracelet - £4
- I think it's about six inches in length, can measure on request.
- Fastenings are gold coloured.

Leave a comment if you’re interested in anything.

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