Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Review: Tesco Vitamin B Face Scrub


Tesco is cheap. And simple. It is a super market after all. A few months ago everyone was raving in the blogosphere about their Vitamin E range which is cheap as chips – the scrub above was a bargain at only 72p when I bought it two months ago. It’s your standard size facial product and can be found in the skin care/bath/hair aisle of your local.

I don’t think this product. At all. And calling it a scrub is a disgrace.


Sorry about my veiny hands. But have a look at that splodge of the face wash. There’s bubbles, sure, but no scrubby bits. The only time I have ever felt any “scrub” from this product is when I had to use it as an emergency hand wash. On my face is just feels like a horribly soapy face wash.

It also tends to leave a filmy residue which isn’t very pleasant and the smell is a bit discount washing up liquid, to be quite honest. If you use a cloth, it does the job and get’s your face fairly clean, but it’s most definitely not for me. It creates too much of a lather and is just really runny as a product.

Out of 5, this gets a low low low 1. The one is for the price – as a bargain face care range I’m sure it does the job, but I won’t be buying again. I’m keeping it in my bathroom as an emergency product, but secretly I’m just hoping my flatmates will use it all up.


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