Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Introduction into the not so fabulous.

It's all a lie.
And that is what this blog is about. Being a lie. Sort of. Not actually being what I'm trying to be. Not actually being a Princess.

Who's lying?
Me, Marie. I'm a simple University student in the UK, approximately 18 years of age and studying a very boring financial subject. I would like to think of myself as somewhat of a Princess, but let's be honest. On a meager student budget (even if it is supplimented by the parents) it is simply not possible to be all that fabulous. But damnit, I will try!

And what it's about.
This blog is about how I try and strive to be simply fabulous (and what it's really like to be a young adult today!). I'll post about things I buy, reviews of various items and things, things I find pretty, inspirations I have and of course funny YouTube videos because everyone likes them. Really, it's just going to be a mash up of what's going on in my head.

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