Monday, 25 May 2009

What I’ve bought recently?

It’s been exam time at my university, and with my last exam tomorrow I couldn’t be anymore ecstatic if I tried. Since I’ve been spending my time… studying (read that as watching copious amounts of Come Dine With Me) and doing not much else, I’ve not had time to go further than Tescos to buy myself anything. Except from the internet. Oh ho ho, you damn internet and your cheap and cute things.

Ride like the wind.

Buy it at for £7 here.

I didn’t pay £7 for it, but something silly like £3.59 when it went down to £4 a few weeks ago. It was a boring a lonely Saturday night, and I was alone in halls. I had had a long day at work and was browsing HMV looking for something cheap and this was it. I really like Toy Story, so much (and I think the second one was better than the first) and the rumours of a third one being made for next year just makes me weak at the knees. Oooh.

A dash of lemon.


Do you spot the eBay camera logo? You’ve caught me. I bought these off of eBay mere moments ago (for less than £5, and of course I went through Quidco first). I’m planning on doing a lot of baking this summer while home for uni, and I’m sick of using an old mug for my measurements with American recipes. If it was see through it would be so much easier, but I digress. I thought I may as well get me some proper baking tools. And of course, they had to be fabulous. A fabulous hot pink definitely suffices. These cups are slightly smaller than what I’ve been using (250g for a cup, whereas these are 237g or so) but since there’s a cup for every size I could possibly need I’m not too worried.

A happy rain cloud or a happy cupcake?

Buy the t-shirt (men sizes only!) here for £12+P&P).

I have a YouTube account which I used to subscribe to channels. Mostly I subscribe to Vlog’s which aren’t really Vlogs… but are by people who live in the UK (and in some cases live extremely close to me!). One of them is Johnny Durham who makes me giggle. He also makes t-shirts which are a bit Threadless stylee – the cute funny ones which make me laugh, but I don’t want to order since postage is fairly expensive. I bought a size small, and I’m a 10-12 and find that it fits me well, with just the right enough of bagginess for comfort. I probably will never wear this out of the halls/flat/house, but if I was feeling lazy (or fat!) I might. I think I paid about £14 after postage and it arrived fairly quickly. And I got the matching bag. Mega cutes.

Now back to the notes for my exam tomorrow. Though I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue… the girl I live with just asked who the Osmond brothers were. Jesus. Christ.

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