Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Review: The Body Shop – Honey Moisturising Shampoo

Product page can be found here.

The spiel.
According to the Body Shop’s website this shampoo is:
For Dry/Damaged/Chemically Treated Hair.
A rich, creamy, moisturising and gently cleansing shampoo that leaves the hair softer, more manageable and healthy-looking. With regular use it will help improve the condition of the hair over time.”
It’s available in three different sizes: a 60ml travel/trial size for £2.40; a 250ml size for £5.35; and a large 400ml size for £7.80. A matching conditioner is also available. Full ingredient list available on the product page.

The consideration.
”Perfect!” I thought. After six months of bleaching and highlights my hair was far from perfect condition for a princess. I had just re-coloured back to a dark rich chestnut brown (which, to be honest, suits me much more than blonde) and even through it I could feel the damage and the coarseness. I had been using a deep conditioner fairly regularly while going through bleaching, but nothing really can combat the damage. I decided that I would have to try and help my hair from all angles – shampoo, condition and heat defence. I chose this particular product because it sounded like it smelled amazing and was part of an offer at the time. I bought the 250ml size as you really need to use a product for about three weeks to get the full benefits and a 60ml bottle just wouldn’t have been enough for me as I have quite long hair.

The testing.
I wash my hair every day, as I cannot stand the feel of my hair being remotely greasy at all. I also have fairly thin hair so build up on it is extremely noticeable, especially to me. Why is this relevant to the actual use of the shampoo? Well, because the shampoo is a thick, opaque, white cream. When I first squeezed it out on to my hand I though I had picked up the conditioner in the shop instead of the shampoo. It’s also extremely difficult to work up into a lather in the hair – my hair has to be sopping and drenched before I can get any soapy bubbles.
Due to living in university halls, the water pressure in my shower varies greatly, but it’s never poor. I’d say it’s average for a non-power shower. Again, why the relevance? Well, because this shampoo is helluva a hard to rinse out. Even on the days where the water pressure was higher that usual, I still had to rinse for significantly longer than I would have with any other shampoo.
Even after significant rinsing, I found I still had quite a bit of shampoo residue in my hair when I finally dried it, and though this didn’t make my hair look dirty, per say, it felt a bit greasy to the touch. Now when I use it (because I’m a student who can’t afford to throw a full bottle of shampoo out) I only later it up in the length of my hair and give my scalp a good massage and scrub with my slightly soap hands to get it nice and clean.

The resulting opinion.
I don’t like it at all. My friend with thick, course, short hair also didn’t like it when she used it after a night staying over. It’s too thick and creamy for a shampoo, even a damage control one, it’s difficult to wash out and, if being honest, does not smell all that amazing – nice enough, but not amazing. If you’ve got thin hair that’s easily greased up, I would avoid this like the plague. I still have half a bottle of it to get through and I’m only using it every second day, substituting with some of the new Herbal Essences range to make sure my hair’s getting a decent clean and there’s not too much of a build up of product.

Out of:
Out of 10, with 10 being the highest and one the lowest, I would give this product a 2 (because it smells ok), maybe a 3 when the water pressure is really high.

Has anyone else tried this shampoo? What did you think?

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