Thursday, 4 February 2010

Paul’s Boutique “Grace” Bag


The new bag finally arrived last week. I promised pictures over the weekend, but you’re getting them today. I’m no master photographer by any means, so I apologise now for the rather bad pictures – the bag is gorgeous though!


It’s lovely and big and the gold and black colour way really goes well together. I can take off the pin broach any time I want, but I’ve left it for the moment because I think it makes the bag a bit more interesting.


When my boyfriend first saw the pin he asked if I had won an award. Cheeky boy. Do you see the leopard print? It matches…


The inside of the bag where the black and gold detailing is continued. The one thing I was disappointed with about this bag is that it doesn’t zip close – the heavy weight of the padlock does keep it closed ok-ish, but I miss the extra security of a zip. That gold clip on top keeps the bag from looking too much like a sack, but it can be unclipped to make the bag huge:


And to be honest, I really don’t have enough things in my life to fill this bag with at the moment, so I’ll be keeping it firmly clipped closed. You can actually make the bag slightly bigger, while having the clip attached by loosening the straps at either side:


This means you can fit more in, but still have a bit of shape and structure to the bag.

Except for the zip I love this bag – though it does have that funny new bag smell, but I’m sure that’ll quickly disappear. Best £50 I have spent this year, so far!


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