Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New Things: Paul’s Boutique “Grace” Bag.


I have been needing a new bag for quite a few months now, but I could just never find anything that looked quite right. I wanted something fairly timeless and not faddy, but at the same time for it to look very nice and young. I was browsing ASOS as a last ditch attempt when I saw this beauty. When I first looked at it, it was also available in pink and I swithered for a few weeks, undecided until last night when I went to look again and it was only left in black. Of course, I snapped it up there and then (well half an hour later – I had forgotten my ASOS password and had too many failed attempts). At £65 it’s a small investment on a student budget, but it’s big enough to use for university things, but also as an everyday-throw-everything-in bag. I’ll be taking more pictures when it eventually arrives.

You can get your own Gracie bag at ASOS for £65 here, and remember to use the discount code ASOSINSTYLEB to get a massive 20% off anything, including any sale items as well, apparently.


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