Monday, 22 June 2009

Affordable Fashion #2

New Look Boyfriend Blazer
Get it here for £30.

Are you sure that isn’t mine?
It’s time again to delve into the world of fashion choices that won’t break the bank (or the overdraft). This holds especially true for shops where you can also get a student discount of 10% (sometimes 20% on special occasions). It’s time to enter the world of boyfriend blazers.

Sure, they’re cheap.
New Look is one of those shops that I find is either hit or miss whenever I go inside. Lately, it’s been more of a hit, and I’m excited by what I see. I am actually currently looking into getting a lightweight jacket, or maybe a blazer, for the summer months and something like the blazer above hits nearly all the right nails on the head for me. Except for one thing… it only has one button. Bit of a downer.

The thing I do like about this particular blazer the most is the contrast detailing on the bottom of the sleeves, though I’m sure the more crafty among us (or those with a seamstress) could have the fabric changed for anything they desire – a great way to get a more individual look for your blazer.
The above blazer is available in black, navy, white and stone on the New Look website, and I would assume in at least one colour in most stores.

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