Friday, 26 June 2009

Friday Finds #1

friday finds
A new feature.
I spend a lot of time on my laptop and computer, whether it’s reading the latest news, listening to music, playing games or just surfing the web, I find a lot of things that make me pause for a moment and think “oh, I’m sure there are loads of other people who would like this”. Thus, Friday Finds has been born. I plan for this to be a fairly regular piece.

An interior inspiration. ffourbedrooms
By nature, I’m a little bit of a nosey person. I like to see how other people do their make up, what the inside of their wardrobes look like and what they eat for breakfast. Taking that into account, I also like to see other peoples personal spaces, in particular, bedrooms. And since when I go back to university the only personal space I have is my bedroom, I want to make it special, I want to make it me, I want to make it fit for a princess. Enter ourbedrooms. It’s a community on LiveJournal, but you don’t need an account there to view most of the entries. There’s a lot of variety there and a couple of discussions and debates – it’s something I’ll be spending a few hours looking through before I start on my new room.


A little light reading.
I read a couple of webcomics, because I am a massive geek. I actually first brought up this particular comic about a month ago in Being Geeky #1, but I really do think more people need to read this bad boy. Girls With Slingshots - it’s about a twenty-something female, unlucky in love, and her wide and diverse group of friends. Oh, aye, and there’s a talking cactus with a Scottish accent. Nice. I like this because it’s not full of references to music, games or television – it is also updated every week day. Score!

Paper dolls on your screen.ffpoupee
When I was young girl, I enjoyed playing with paper dolls which were in the back of some older magazines. You would get a willowy figurine with a few key outfit pieces and then you could make the rest yourself. These days, I’m not even sure if they can still be bought in most newsagents, but no matter – the internet has brought them to me. PoupéeGirl is a Japanese website (though translated into almost perfect English) that brings back the fun of paper dolls in an electronic form with a bit of a twist – you have to earn points, or Ribbons, to buy the clothes. There are a few ways to do this, including uploading pictures of your own clothes, which makes this a very fashion orientated website. If you can stick with it for a few days and get a couple of outfits bought for your pupe then you’ll probably get addicted like me.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. love your blog <3 its so pretty

  2. I totally love the idea of friday finds! I am nosy as well (lolol) and pretty interested in interior design- so that community is certainly a good find!
    poupee girl is so addicting its not even funny. I've told myself that I have to stay away from it for a while- I know I'll end up buying thousands and thousands of ribbons (there goes college money!)

  3. A few other blogs I follow do a link post every week or so and I liked the idea, but they never seem to have anything that interested me so I thought "why not just do it myself!?".

    I've bought Ribbons once, but in hindsight it hasn't really helped me any and I won't be doing it again - I just need to get back into uploading photos since I've slipped in the last couple of months.