Monday, 29 June 2009

What will you be wearing?

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This summer’s trends and uniforms.
I think we all end up wearing a very similar type of outfit everyday, if you will, our own personal uniform. For some it might be skinny jeans, others may enjoy wearing a bright coloured vest top everyday. This happens to me anyways; during winter I stick to jeans, boots and some various knitwear to try and keep a bit snugger – summer is a different story. I don’t really know how to dress for a “British” summer – usually I would be in Spain or Florida with high temperatures and low rain fall. With forecasters saying that this summer is going to be warmer than ever (though the current weather at the moment suggests this will be 50/50), it’s still much cooler than I’m used to when dressing for sun. However, I think have may found my saviour and summer clothes uniform piece.

Knee-length, utility, cropped.
I like to wear denim shorts, but with my legs being rather long for my height and my thighs been a touch on the wobbly side, I just don’t feel confident parading about in short-shorts which err on the side of indecent. Three-quarter length jeans are also out, as I feel they cut off at the worst possible place of your calf and make your legs look rather chunky. Enter the knee-length jeans short – also called cropped jeans shorts, utility shorts and board shorts. While I’ve not bought any as of yet, I have been scouring the internet and shops in a few major shopping places in East Scotland for a suitable pair and I’m going to share with you three of my favourites and top potentials. I’m going to break down them down into three categories by price; save, spend and splurge (though they’re pretty close in price!).

These are Boyfriend Style Shorts from New Look and come in at £22, or £19.80 for us with fabulous NUS student card. Being so called “boyfriend” jeans, they’ll be a little baggier than your standard pair of denims, so maybe something you’ll want to size down on, though I’m not too sure about the fit of these jeans so check first! I like these because they’re not exactly knee length, but fairly long and would cover a reasonable amount of thigh. I’m not so hot on the bagginess though.

tsshortsThese are Baxter Turn Up Knee Shorts from TopShop and come in at £28, or £25.20 with a student card. These are quite possibly my favourite pair out of the three, purely because they look like they’d be quite tight around the leg and not make you look much wider than you are. The only downsize are that TopShop jeans are fairly notorious for getting baggy at the bum after a couple of washes and I don’t really fancy baggy bum syndrome.

These are Denim Distressed Cut-off shorts by River Island (product number 576155 since you can’t direct link) at £29.99. Again, they’re a boyfriend fit, so check sizing in store before you buy to make sure you get a fit you like. I do like these since distressed denim is something I quite like… just not when it’s so uniform and obviously manufactured. Maybe one or two rips on each side would make me more likely to buy these. Also, I feel a bit reluctant due to the fact every teenage girl with a tango tan will probably own them.

What’s your summer uniform going to be?



  1. mine will be cute dresses :)

  2. I think I'm going to have to cancel my plans for shorts - it's cold and misty where I am.

    H&M have a lot of cute little cheap simple dresses though, you should have a look.