Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Dear diary, today I…

journal Picture is of my own journal.

Start something new.
A journal is something which I think absolutely everyone should keep. They have many different uses for many different people. I use mine to stick in momentous things (cinema tickets, travel tickets, receipts), happy photos, inspirational pictures and primarily for quotations I like (which I then expand upon with meanings). My friend, Kat, uses her primarily for keeping track of things she has to do and references for her writing.

Let it all out.
Other people will use a journal for its more traditional value – somewhere to retell their day, spill their secrets and tell of their desires. I advise that this should only really be done if you know that only those who you wish to read it can do so – if you have a snoopy flatmate who reads anything you leave lying around, then a tell-all journal may not be for you. Alternatively, an online journal (which can be set to private, e.g. your eyes only) could be an option, such as LiveJournal.

The most important thing to remember about a journal is that it is yours, and reflection of who you are at the time that you wrote, created and complied what is inside. It is a memento of who you were. Enjoy it, cherish it, keep it.


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