Friday, 25 September 2009

My latest purchases.

And now I have about £5 to last me two weeks. Brilliant. I regret nothing. I want to apologise now for these photos – first time I’ve used the flash on my camera and so far… I need more practise.

SAM_0040Vintage rose skirt from New Look - £18.

I actually bought this last week, but it still counts. It’s high waist-ed and elasticised so super comfy. And the first high waist skirt I’ve bought. I got it in the size I normally buy for trousers, forgetting that my waist is actually a size smaller (I am not in proportion) so it doesn’t really stretch all that much, which I think is a good thing – no unsightly bulges and plenty of room for tucking in a vest. I wore it with a white vest and a long black boyfriend cardigan the other day – it was lovely. I actually have a little shock when I got it home – I hadn’t realised it was two layered and had lace edging, which you can see here:

But I think it just adds to it quite nicely. Though in the wind I’ve been having a few… Marilyn Monroe moments.

SAM_0046“Wool” colour block skirt - £12.72

This is quite thick and, as you can see, lined. The camera helped out a bit here actually to show that it is in fact grey with blue and black stripes at the bottom. Another high waist baby here, but it’s still got quite a nice bit of length on it, which I like since I have long legs. It’s also quite… regal and sophisticated, while at the same time having enough of a kick in it to not be something your gran would wear. I think I’ll probably wear this with a black vest and a blue cardigan, because I’m quite matchy matchy. I’ll have to take it in a wee bit first – I bought it in my normal size again and it doesn’t have an ounce of give so it is about an inch too big. Now I just need a twin set, some tweed and a string of pearls…

SAM_0048Shirt dress – £10.77

Are these in? I’m not sure, but it’s light and comfy, which I’m finding I need these days. It’s just so unseasonably warm where I am, but at the same time windy, so layers are an absolute must. Though the picture doesn’t show it, the shirt is actually white and blue strips, not grey. You might be able to see it larger with a click of your mouse? I’m not sure. I plan to wear this with some full length black leggings, maybe a black waist belt and probably a black cardigan. I may undo the bottom button though as it’s quite tight around the thigh area when I walk.

SAM_0049Pinafore bubble hem dress - £8.81

I’m undecided about this – I’ll have to take it in under the arms as it’s a bit too loose. I’m not even sure what I would wear this with? Any ideas?

The above were all from Primark, if the crazy prices weren’t a giveaway. I also got some bulk packs of tights and a pair of slippers because I live in a manky student flat with a not very clean floor. The final buy of today. Well:

SAM_0050Skirted Mac trench from New Look - £28 £22.40

My local New Look are doing a 20% student discount until the 18th of October and so I assume most others are as well, hot foot it down there now. This is a very bad picture. Possibly the worst photo I could have ever taken, so here’s a link to it on the website. It’s supposed to be an arctic blue colour, but to my eye it looks more purple – I think it depends on the lighting? I feel a bit like a spy when I wear it though, it’s fun. It’s obviously not a thick mac, and not made out of wool – which I prefer. Wool is not fun to try and dry and I tend to get quite hot walking to places so this is PERFECT.

Sadly, my only other recent purchase has been a TV license. Not glamorous. Not nice. What has everyone else been buying?



  1. lovely choices! i need my course to issue out my new student card!

  2. The rose skirt and the trench are both super cute!

  3. @Pierrot le Fou - I love my student card, especially when places do special offer student discounts!!!

    @Miss Madeline - thanks! I really love wearing the skirt.