Monday, 7 September 2009

Things I bought today!

I did a quick back to uni shop today, just for a few bits and pieces, mostly something to wear on a night out. I’ve not really had much luck and even now I’m not really pleased with what I even bought – it’s quite rubbish in the shops at the moment.

risparklesRiver Island Shimmer Vest Dress £14.99

I don’t have my own pictures at the moment since I’m just in, but this looks a lot better in real life, I think so at least. It obviously follows the shapes of your body and doesn’t curve back into your lack of bottom legs. It’s also a lot more shimmery and sparkly in real life – though maybe a bit see through. I plan on wearing it with some black leggings or tights and maybe a pop of colour through my shoes.

nlcardiganNew Look Boyfriend Cardigan - £20

Oh look, an identical long cardigan to the black one I bought last week. I really liked the fit and length and had to get another, though the colour of mine is certainly not as rich as this picture shows.

rishoesNew Look Padded Pump - £14

The ones I got were actually a cream colour, but I couldn’t find them on the website, so the black ones will do! I just wanted a nice little casual pair of shoes in a non-black colour just for quick trips about the town. My mother does say that they’re old lady shoes!

nlbagNew Look Twist Lock Bag - £22

I think this is the bag I got, I don’t really remember, but it looks so much better in person. I got this just because I like it. It’s nice a big though.

The reason I got sooo much New Look today was because I had a 20% off voucher, so that made the dent on my overdraft much more bearable. Though I still need leggings and some basic vests.

What has everyone else been buying for back to uni?



  1. I love what you bought, especially the shoes. I agree with you - it is quite rubbish in stores at the moment.

  2. It didn't really help that every other shop I was going into was moving their stock about though.

  3. Love the white bag and the shoes! Practical and stylish :)

    Amy xo

  4. Amazing items but i LOVE that bag!! <33