Thursday, 14 January 2010

Where am I?

I am here of course. Here being at home with my parents and not in my university town or own flat. I’m having so flatmate problems at the moment so I’ve came home for a while. I also have to resit my finance exam at the end of the month. This is leaving me with; 1) no time to blog; and 2) nothing to blog about. My camera and most of my make up and beauty products are still in the flat.

I do have three reviews almost finished though, so once I’m back in the flat they will be finished and posted quickly. It’s the two Body Washes that I got with the Boots Body Butter as well as Red Cherry Lashes and Duo eyelash glue which have finally arrived from America.

While I’m at home I might write a guide on better revision – I have now certainly learned which techniques work the best and which do not.

I hope everyone’s well and if you’ve started back at work or university that you’re having a good time!


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