Thursday, 28 January 2010

Review: Red Cherry Lashes and Duo Glue


I talked about quite a while ago and mentioned that I would do a review when they arrived. As a whole, I have to say that I’m neither pleased or unpleased. Just a bit… “meh”, I suppose.

I ordered in the middle of December and waited about a week until I finally got any email response informing me that some of the lashes I had selected were out of stock and asking me to pick others. The lashes which were out of stock were not for me, but a friend so she quickly choose other ones and I emailed them back. From that date it took about two and a half weeks for them to arrive – but obviously they’re coming from America and it was Christmas and New Years.

Everything made it in pretty good condition, however some of the lashes had been substituted with “like for like” lashes. This annoyed me, as if there were more lashes out of stock why didn’t they email me again and ask which ones I would like instead?


I apologise for the bad pictures – it’s been so dull that even daylight isn’t working on my side. I received lashes #47, #106 and #138 for myself. #106 and #138 are not on the website at the moment so I can only assume they are out of stock. As far as I am aware, all these lashes are made out of human hair.

I also ordered a tube of Duo Eyelash Adhesive after hearing rave reviews about it. It comes out the tube white and dries clear, however you can also get a dark version, which I presume dries black.


There are the #106 being worn. When I looked in the box I thought they looked the most natural and everyday wearable. I was so wrong. Of course I trimmed the lashes to fit my eyes – I had to cut off about half a centimetre from each one and I took it from the longest side – there were actually longer lashes on the strip than what I have on my eyes. I just felt these looked a bit OTT and drag queen-ish. They also started to shed as soon as I tried to take them out the box

I was also completely underwhelmed by the Duo. It was no better than the rubbish little tubes you get in standard lash sets and just created a really weak bong between the fake lashes and myself.

Overall, I probably won’t be buying from Red Cherry again. The communication was pretty poor, the lashes don’t really seem that great and I’m just completely underwhelmed. It could be my own fault for buying the lashes I did, but it’s just put me off them for a little while. I might try the other two pairs later in the week and see if I change my mind.


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