Friday, 29 January 2010

Friday Finds #10

friday finds

It’s been about six weeks since I’ve done one of these! How annoying for you guys. Anyways. Here’s some hot things from the internet for you to pursue at your leisure. No theme this week, just a mix and match and mish mash.


Tongue Twisters
I occasionally take a quick stop at The Economist’s website for some topical new stories that have a bit more substance than say… the BBC website. As such, when I read this article back in December I book marked it straight away for my next FF so I could share it with other people. It’s not about fashion, or beauty, or even being a student. It’s about the world’s hardest languages. I study accounting and finance, so this has nothing to do with any of my university work, I just found it a really interesting read.


What’s on your shelf?
I discovered this on someone else’s blog a little while ago, I think it might have actually have been Tor’s? Anyways. You probably all already know about it, and I am once again tardy to the party. Shelfari is a website where you can keep track of all your books – what you’re reading, what you’ve read and what you plan to read. You can also go even further and choose which version of every book you own and give details on it’s condition. I’ve not really done much with mine except add all the obvious books, but you can find me here. Don’t laugh at my full name.


Charade Style.
Have you bought your Charade Annual yet? You don’t know what it is? I find that hard to believe! It’s the best articles from Charade Style’s first year, written by the lovely Megan. For only £15 (plus reasonable P&P) you can get a years worth of tips, tricks and inspiration. I ordered mine this morning (thank you pay day!), when will you be ordering yours?


And that is it for today! My new bag arrived literally as I was writing this so maybe some photos tonight or tomorrow. I’m going to see Sherlock Holmes this afternoon (finally!) and it’s sunny outside. I think it’s going to be a good day.


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