Friday, 9 October 2009

Friday Finds #6

Not much I’m afraid this week – it’s been helluva busy and I’m so sleepy. And ill.

The Daily Puppy.
Do you love puppies? Do you love seeing cute puppies every single day?! I know I do, which is why I’m glad I found The Daily Puppy website. The name should say it all, but if it doesn’t – it’s a website which updates once a day with a picture of an extremely cute puppy and tells you a little bit about the critter. How adorable!

So long boys!
I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been waiting for this film to come out for a very very very long time! It’s Disney Pixar’s Up! And today is the day it’s released in the UK in standard and Disney Digital 3D screens! I’m working tonight so can’t go and see it (though I had the chance to on Wednesday but was too ill), but I’ll be going tomorrow night, so I’ll have a little write up about it on Monday or Tuesday!

I hope everyone’s feeling much better than I am. Have a good weekend everyone!



  1. Ooo I want to see that too, there's so much at cinemas right now!

  2. There's not much else out that I want to see at the moment, but there's just so much coming out soon that I can't wait for. Roll on November!