Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A rant about jeans shopping.

riverislandjeansImage courtesy of riverisland.com

I know it can’t just be me.
Most females I know, of all ages, hate going shopping for a new pair of jeans – my self included. I hate it; I dread it; I probably have nightmares about it! Whether you’re tall, short, fat, skinny or just plain average it’s impossible to find a pair of jeans which fit. I wish that this was the ultimate guide to finding the perfect jeans for you, but it’s not – it’s my rant about jeans shopping.

I’m not a freak.
I’m about 5’6, maybe 5’7 if I don’t slouch. I’m not hugely fat – I wear clothes in 10, 12 and the occasional 14. I do have a slightly larger than average bust – but this doesn’t effect my jeans. What does though, is my inseam. All my height is from my legs – they have a 34.5 inch measurement barefooted from crotch to the floor. Add on a pair of normal flat shoes and I need a 35 inch inseam, at the least, to not look like a leper. Heaven forbid if I want to wear jeans with heels.

No solution.
I know a lot of you will just think “buy long jeans then!” or “buy from the internet!” and I wish it was truly that easy. Most high street shops long length jeans are 33 inches or 34 inches. The occasional shop claims to have a 36 inch long length jean in their tall section but most of the time it’s lucky if it’s longer than 34 inches – I’m looking at you New Look. River Island’s long length is long – most definitely about 35 inches, and I can wear them fine – some even with heels if I really wanted to. But in my local River Island (in a middle sized city, no less) I have never ever seen a long length pair of jeans. This is where buying on the internet is a hassle – not all size 10/12s are going to be the same – some will be bigger, some will be smaller. Even with in the same size there can be huge differences; isn’t that so TopShop?

The final rant.
I don’t want to have to get on a train and sit for 45 minutes while I go to Edinburgh or Glasgow to just get jeans. I don’t want to have to order online just to find they don’t fit and then have the hassle of returning them. I want to be able to go into the shop like all any normal woman, pick up a few pairs of jeans in my sizes and in long length and then be able to try them on. It’s infuriating not being able to have the simple human right of buying jeans quickly and easily, let me tell you!

How does everyone else cope with buying jeans? Or, do you have some sort of other item of clothing that you just have to try on to make sure it fits?



  1. That sucks! I used to work at the River Island, since said town gets so little sunshine I think they gave up on ordering longs a longlong time ago. Ask, though, when I was there they always had massive amounts of overstock in the back.

    Topshop is guilty of dodgy sizing, but I tend to find jeans that fit there within 3 visits (is that good?) The shopping trips I dread most are shoes and bras, yuck.

  2. Bras! I hate that too - slightly worse than jeans shopping.

    I wouldn't like to ask them to go and check if there isn't any though, it would just annoy them. Plus everyone thinks I'm mental when I ask for long stuff because I'm not tall.

  3. I usually buy Topshop jeans, but I have 2 pairs of their jeans, exactly the same measurements, but one is smaller than the other. Can't work that one out. I don't really wear jeans too often, I only have 2 pairs. One of them has a hole in the crotch area though so I need to buy some new ones and I'm dreading it!

  4. I wear jeans a lot because I get cold really easily, and I've neglected jeans shopping for so long now it's getting a bit desperate.

  5. I don't wear jeans anymore- just skirts and dresses! It was so difficult to find a nice pair that I gave up a couple of years ago and now I don't even wear them at all!