Friday, 16 October 2009

Friday Finds #7

friday findsHas another week really passed us by already? I can barely believe it – I’m shattered and more than ready for a relaxing weekend – I’m going to begin it by having a gander at these lovely sites all related to Halloween…

Halloween is really just around the corner now – it’s just over two weeks away! While I’ll probably be working over the spooky evening a lot of you won’t be, I’m sure. I’m also sure that most of us are too old for trick or treating – but everyone deserves a treat on Halloween so why not have a look at these disgustingly amazing Zombie Halloween Cupcakes! Don’t they look amazing? Why not try and whip up some of your own or another sweet Halloween treat and take them to a All Hallows’ Eve party and give everyone a sweet, but shocking, treat!

The perfect recipe…blood
For fake blood that is! I might have to dress up for work on Halloween and I’ve been racking my brain thinking of something which would allow me to move easily and not cause any knicker flashing moments. Of course the easiest way to go then would to be a zombie or murder victim or something similar in just normal clothes but with lots of blood. I Googled and found what looks to be a wonderfully gory looking recipe for your own home made fake blood here. I will probably end up adding a few more drops of black food colouring as it’s still a little bit too red for my liking. You can find glucose syrup in the home baking section of super markets – my normal sized Tesco definitely has it and it’s TINY compared to the superstores.

Halloween is coming! I hope everyone’s planning for it already – whether that’s scary film marathons or a party. Have a good weekend!



  1. i think i'll be going as a zombie this year! a zombie librarian! hehe. those cupcakes are cute, i've been asked to make some halloween cupcakes so that's good inspiration

  2. Zombies are just one of the easiest things to do - and you can still dress up warm!