Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Consolidation: The University Post

consolidationSee the full sized image by Beamer 26@Flickr here. 

I’ve only six weeks left to go before I head back to uni, so everything’s starting to move along. I don’t feel rushed or worried though because I’ve got all these great posts to look over and remember that I know what I’m doing!

  1. The first things you should do!
  2. The way to pack for uni!
  3. What to buy for the bedroom!
  4. What to buy for the kitchen!
  5. The first budget you should make!

So don’t panic. Have a read, make a list and get going!



  1. Ahh here's a series of posts that I always meant to do and never got around to! (Well, ok, I was only gonna do the packing one, you did it in style!) Awesome idea.

  2. I know a lot about university budgeting, cooking etc let me know if you ever need a guest post. I'd love to share my experiences.

  3. @Nicola - last year when I was trying to get ready to move out for university for the first time I couldn't find anything like this which was a help, so I thought I'd help other people who are now in my position.

    @KB - I've never really thought about university cooking beyond baking, I'll definitely keep you in mind and send you an email or something!