Thursday, 13 August 2009

Review: DiorSkin Nude Liquid Foundation.


I need a little bit of coverage. 
I wear foundation most days I go out anywhere further than the shop for milk. I think that’s enough of evidence to show that I’m fairly vain – but not in the bad way. My skin should look nice, but it’s getting harder with all the skin complaints that I seem to be getting for some reason. I’ve tried a lot of different foundations; powders, minerals, mousse, liquid; and I’ve still to find the perfect one.

Break the budget.
I’m a firm believer in buying quality products for the base in your make up routine. Usually I spent up to about £15, and more often than not I’m disappointed. I decided to blow the budget a little bit and splash out. I had gotten a sample of this foundation when I had bought my DiorShow Iconic Mascara and liked it, and I love my DiorShow, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m fairly pale at the moment with the lack of sun and the current colds and flus being passed around at the moment and the Dior Lady recommended shade 010 Ivory.

The claims.
The full name of the foundation is DiorSkin Nude – Natural Glow Hydrating Make Up, and the spiel on from the website is; “Containing nearly 40% water, this fluid foundation offers an instant sensation of well-being. Skin appears fresher, silky and feels more comfortable. Thanks to micro-droplets of water, this foundation’s coverage is lighter than a more “classic” fluid formula, even as it evens out the complexion and makes it appear more radiant and transparent. With daily use, the skin becomes more beautiful for an ever more natural and radiant result than upon first application.

The truth.
The first line I must point out is the one about the lighter coverage than a standard liquid – this is completely true. It is definitely a lighter coverage foundation, but it can be built up a bit in layers if you need a little bit more. This means that if you have a lot of blemishes this will not cover them.
The claims of an even complexion is something I must agree with – the areas of my face which were fairly clear and blemish free were a breeze to cover up and looked a lot better. I have a lot of unevenness in my skin and this foundation helped with that.
For someone with perfect skin who just wants a little bit of reassurance that their skin in evenly toned and flawless, DiorSkin Nude is for them. If my skin was clearer I could probably wear this on it’s own for a dewy look.

There are two things that I don’t like about this foundation at the moment.


Sorry for the slightly blurry picture, but it shows point number one. That white nozzle. It looks so out of place against all the glass and shiny metal and it’s a nightmare to keep clean.


This picture doesn’t show my next gripe well since I cropped it, but drop of foundation is actually more than a centimetre square and a lot of product. Too much product, I ended up have to wipe half of it on a tissue and it felt like a massive waste. This may have been my fault though, as it was the very first pump out of the bottle – and you all know how hard you push the first few times to try and get the product flowing.

Final words.
This is probably a given, but make sure your moisturiser is completely absorbed into your skin before you start applying this product. I was in a bit of a rush the last time I used it and still had moisturiser residue on my skin and this made it quite difficult to blend the product in and probably affect the coverage slightly. This may skew my score for this slightly, so keep that in mind.
For what this product is meant to do, I’d give it a 8 out of 10 – it’s wonderfully light coverage and does feel silky against your skin. It loses marks for that ugly white nozzle and the lack of full control over the product.
For what I hoped the product would do, I give it a 7/10. The coverage is a bit poorer than I thought it would be, or remembered it would be. Hopefully with the nozzle seal broken and a little bit of air getting into the mixture it will thicken up, as it feels a little bit thin at the moment.
Thus, this is a product for anyone who was slight coverage and a lovely even skin tone. Perfect for all you peaches and cream princesses.

You can see the full shade table on the Dior site, and can buy the product for £28 from Debenhams, any department store and Duty Free in airports.


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