Saturday, 8 August 2009

Saturdays are personal.


I want to talk to you!
I thought from now on that Saturday’s and Sunday’s would be the days when I share more with you – what I’ve been up to this week and the like. At the moment, it probably won’t be the most exciting. I’m still at home and don’t move back to university for another five weeks yet.

Say “ah”.
The week started for me with dental work. More than I had anticipated. I usually go in and just get a check up and a well done (I wish I still got stickers). This time, I wasn’t so lucky and had to go back to get a crack in my tooth sorted out. Luckily, or unluckily, they had had a cancellation and I got to head back the next day. My tooth still doesn’t feel right and it freaks me out when I touch it with my tongue.

Should I get the 16” or 18”?
Sadly, the rest of the week wasn’t as exciting. I had to buy some new cooking pans for going back to uni (since I threw out the ones from last year). It wasn’t as exciting, but I managed to get everything I needed for only £22.50. Yesterday, I woke up with a rather stuffed up nose, so I relaxed all day and watched my new DVD, Marie Antoinette, which I got for only £3.59 – it’s currently £3.99 on and, but I have a student discount card for HMV for an extra 10% off.

The rest.
I woke up this morning still stuffed up and feeling quite ill. This means that sadly I can’t visit my young nephew in hospital for fear I’ll get the other children, or him, ill. Since it was quite sunny, I was going to lie outside and read while feeling sorry for myself, but I think those plans are lost as it’s quite dull now.

I hope everyone’s feeling better than me and has a lovely weekend!


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