Monday, 6 July 2009

Affordable Fashion #3

veromoda Vero Moda Candy Strip Playsuit @ ASOS
Get it here for £24.99

We are from Denmark.
I first heard of this brand back in 2003 when I had friends over from Finland who wore a lot of the clothing from this Scandinavian brand. I got the shock of my life the other day when I was wandering around Dorothy Perkins with the mother and saw a rack full of this brand. I decided to do a bit of snooping online and found that ASOS also stock it.

But it’s a playsuit.
As a rule, I generally don’t wear playsuits – how you would manage to get the bathroom in them in a hurry has always confused me. However, I might just be tempted by this one – it’s labelled colour is Coral, but the colour looks a lot more baby pink and it has the cutest little band of ditsy flower print around the dropped waist. Plus, with the current weather we’re having, this looks ideal as a way to keep cool.

This playsuit is also available in “ashes” which is obviously grey and from UK sizes 8 to 14.



  1. I'm always so reluctant to wear a play suit too, just because I'm afraid it will look strange. Or the one end will pull the other end in a stange way.

  2. I've always been more worried about having a short body in comparison with my legs and ending up with far too much fabric over my stomach.