Thursday, 23 July 2009

Samsung ES55 – I WANT


Snap Snap.
My last camera actually stopped working around about this time last. I never got around to replacing it then because I could just steal everyone else’s photos from nights out, or using my phone’s camera (a LG thing of about 2.2MP and a BlackBerry Curve 8900 3.2MP). Now though, I’m wanting to take the photos I want to take, and at a good quality, rather than rely on everyone getting good pictures of shenanigans.

So I’ve began shopping around for a camera to spend my birthday money on (it’s the 31st of July if anyone’s interested) and I’ve decided that I quite like this little fellow. It’s pink, which is a major plus. 10.2MP, 2.5 inch LCD screen and a few other nifty features – what more could you want in a camera? Especially in a camera which is under £100. You can get this little beauty here for only £84.99.

Part two of the “buying for university on a budget” will be up tomorrow.


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