Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Glamour August.


This months freebie! 
Last month, the lovely people at Glamour magazine gave us a petite sized BADgal lash mascara. This month we’re getting a book – He’s Just Not That Into You to be exact. The book is not a novelisation, but a guide to the changing dating for ever. While I’m in a committed relationship, I couldn’t say no for just £2. Rush out and get yours before they’re sold out.



  1. Oooh good to know. That's a fat lot of freebies!! And I should probably read "He's just not that into you", not seen the film and don't have any boys there, let alone ones I think are interested, but it's still meant to be a good read, right?

  2. I didn't like the film, but all my friends did. I've only had a glance through the book so far, but I probably will read it eventually.