Monday, 27 July 2009

My new shoes.


Heel toe heel toe.
I went out for casual drinks in Edinburgh on Sunday night and I wanted a nice pair of new shoes to wear. Enter these chain link smart flats by New Look. They can be yours for only £16, or £14.40 with a student card. Alternatively, you can get them in heel form (and in white) for £20/£18 with a student card. They’ve got that beautiful gold chain detailing at the front, but the back of the shoe is quite high, so it’s going to take a bit of work to break them in. The picture above is also a bad representation, they’re much shinier and smooth.



  1. Let me know how comfortable they are, I got a pair or two of flats from NL and feels like they'll never break in. :/

  2. I wore them with plasters on my heels and they still hurt a little bit, but it was bareable. I also have slight red marks on the top of my feet where they rubbed.

    I don't understand why the back of the shoe is so high cut - I usually never have to break in New Look shoes.

  3. They looks so nice!! I have flat shoes. Those are much comfortable and stylish!! I just love them!!