Monday, 13 July 2009

Kidada for Disney Couture.


Tale as old as time.
I’ve admired the Disney Couture jewellery for quite a while now, and always seem to find something I want but at the end of the day its just a bit out of my price range. Enter this absolutely stunning necklace – Beauty and the Beast style. It’s the rose inside the dome from the film and it’s gold plated on a long chain (though I’d probably shorten the chain).

Song as old as rhyme.
The bad news about this necklace? It’s a whopping £55. If it had been about £30 I would have probably snapped it up, but I just couldn’t justify it this time. If you can justify it though, you can get it here on and have a look at the rest of their available Disney Couture items here.



  1. wow that necklace is so stunning i want one :D and i love the film enchanted too <3

  2. It is gorgeous but ugh so pricey, every now and then some of it goes into the sale though so keep a sharp eye at end of season <3 if not look out for voucher codes.

  3. It all seems to have gotten more expensive compared to the first collection, which upsets me.

  4. I love Disney Couture and after much dilberation spent a days wages on a necklace. However, I wear it 3/4 times a week and unlike any other jewellery pieces I own, it has not tarnished, scratched or started smelling, so it really has been cost effective. I currently have my eyes on that castle ring.