Thursday, 9 July 2009

I would like to say.

I would like to apologise for lack of posting this week, I suddenly found I had a lot of other things to do that distracted me from writing posts. I do, however, have a few things planned out and will be writing a lot this weekend. Look out for 3 or 4 updates next week, maybe even one everyday if you’re lucky!



  1. Been looking through more of your entries and I ADORE this whole blog. Shall definitely keep my eyes on your updates.

  2. You have a lovely blog, I can definitely relate to bringing too much stuff to Uni. We literally had to fill every nook and cranny of my Dad's car, and somehow made it down the M1, and I'm still unpacking it all now! Also glad to see another money saving expert, have you heard of Dooyoo? It's great for writing reviews and earning Amazon vouchers.