Friday, 17 July 2009

Start a collection.

stampsPicture courtesy of the Royal Mail. 

I have the original collection.
While I’m not specifically talking about stamps themselves, they’re an important part of my collecting. I collect, or I’m starting to, autographs. I also happen to live no where near where any celebrities are going to be – but this doesn’t present any problem at all! You’ll need supplies, addresses and patience! This all done through the post, so it really is as easy as one, two, three!

Your supplies.
If you’re going to be requesting an autograph you’ll need only a few things:
Photos/something to sign. Some celebrities will get dozens of requests a week and just can’t afford to keep a stack of photos readily available. You can buy photos from dealers online, or you can find your own and print them yourself (or for high quality print outs through a photo printing service like SnapFish). the best size for photos is about 8x10, but it is entirely up to you. I’m sending out DVD case covers as well so I’ll have a more personalised viewing experience. Of course don’t send anything you’d be upset about losing through the post.
Envelopes. Again, the size is up to you, as long as you cant fit everything in it well. Remember you’ll need two though – one to send everything in and another to receive your things back in! I use A4 envelopes and fold up my self-addressed envelope in half to fit it inside the other one.
Stamps.That’s right, plural. If you’re asking for an autograph you can pay to get it sent back to you. With my A4 envelopes, I can get away with “Large letter” stamps from Royal Mail. Make sure you stick one to your self-address envelope. That’s important. If you’re sending abroad for autographs you need to use international reply coupons.
Letter. It doesn’t have to be a tome – just half a page saying why you like them and asking them to sign what you’ve enclosed (and maybe even ask for a cheeky personalisation). Don’t forget to write your name on it.

I used the website to find the addresses I need. It’s just a quick simple search there and you can see other people’s replies!

This is the most boring part of all. You have to wait. Some celebrities might be quick and get back to you in less than a month – some might not even get back to you at all. It’s a game of luck really, but you’ll definitely get a surprise when a envelope drops through the door with your own hand writing on it.


  • Write “Please do not bend! – PHOTOS” or something similar on the envelope, it might help with making sure your photos don’t get damaged.
  • Always be polite in your letters, and if you get something extra back then write a thank you letter back; they probably won’t see it, but it’s still a nice gesture.
  • Brag. Once you have something back, brag to your friends for all it’s worth – they probably won’t have something signed by a celebrity.

Who would you write to for an autograph?



  1. That's really cool, I've never thought about getting autographs that way. I can't really decide one person who I would want an autograph from though, too many people to pick from! lol

  2. I'm sure there must be one person who you really admire, mine is Patrick Stewart! I'm a secret Trekkie...