Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Twitter me! – a slightly more personal post.

twitterImage courtesy of Twitter.com

And then he at replied me…
Hi everyone! This is a bit more of a personal post for once. I’ve now got a Twitter for this blog specifically, @notso_fab. If you follow me there, I’ll be sure to follow you back – you’ll get tweets about new posts and also just some of the more mundane things in my life.

And yesterday…
I actually went out into Edinburgh yesterday and bought some new Dior foundation (which I’ll review in a week or so), a book (The Historian) and a DVD. Not exactly the most exciting things, but I just couldn’t find anything to buy.

I do apologise for such a ridiculously boring post today, but I want to try and make this blog a mix of me, things I like and things which will interest anyone reading. There’s going to be a good post tomorrow and Thursday for those of you moving to university for the first time to make up for this though!


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