Friday, 3 July 2009

Friday Finds #2

friday finds

Two weeks in a row?
I must be on a roll. Or I just have far too much time on my hands being a lady of leisure. Sometimes I think I should have gotten a summer job…

Uncluttered and calm.ffstorage
I may seem to be on a home and interior kick with my links, and I am in a way. When I move back to my university town in September I want my new room to be a bit more personal than my room in halls was. I want it to be neat and clean and organised – enter this young house. While it’s not the entire blog I have an interest in showing you, I would like to show you this entry because I think some of the ideas in it are so simple and so inexpensive that it would be incredibly silly not to also carry them out. I’ve only had a quick browse around the rest of the blog and there are a few other entries that may interest anyone who’s interested in how to keep a home pleasant.

Handmade and vintage.rmlx
The next link is for an adorable little jewellery shop that I have actually bought a few things from myself. is affordable, reliable and quirky. There’s a lot of items on their that only one or two of them are actually made – you can be reassured that anything you buy is going to be fairly unique. A little tip though – if you have a LiveJournal account you can have a preview of what’s going to be going onto the website and get it before anyone else! How nifty is that!? You need to read the rules of the community before you can buy, but here’s where you can get those exclusive previews.


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