Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Review: Neutrogena Wave Duo Power Cleanser


Lucky me.
I do a lot of online surveys and polls to gain a little bit of extra pennies to spend on nice things. I usually don’t take part in product trials though. I was doing a survey on facial cleansing last week when I was lucky enough to be asked if I wanted to try out the newest Wave facial cleanser from Neutrogena. While I don’t get paid for it, I’m pretty sure I get to keep the product!

The second coming.
You’re probably still seeing the adverts on the television with Vanessa Hudgens using a foaming pink Wave. The original wave also came in green and blue, but it only ran at one speed. The new Duo Wave has two vibration speeds, with the second speed having the claim of cleaning your skin ten times deeper. The launch of the new Wave also brings about the launch of the exfoliating pads you can use, alongside the foaming pads.

How to use.
The Wave itself seems very easy to use – you pop off the back, stick in the AA battery (which is included) and then it’s ready to go. This was where my first problem arose; I had a lot of trouble getting the back compartment off. It had nothing to do with my lack of nails, it was just very still. Once I had it back on it seemed a bit out of place and there seemed to be a little gap, but I haven’t have any problems due to that so far.
To use it, you take one of the pads and stick it on top of the Wave, to a Velcro like material which keeps it in place. Then just wet the pad under a stream of water, hit the power button and rub in circular motions over your face, hitting the button to go to the second setting if you want a deeper clean. The unit is water proof, so it’s safe to use in the shower (where I use it), but I wouldn’t leave it floating in a bath or sink. I wait for the pad to dry before peeling it off and putting it in the bin, I’m scared it’ll rip otherwise.

I think.
I’ve been using the Wave for about a week now with the exfoliation pads. To be honest, they’re not excellent exfoliates. The pads smell nice and look like they have exfoliating beads in them, but on the first setting I can’t really feel them. The vibrations also feel very strange against my nose and upper cheeks.
It doesn’t really feel like I’m getting much of a clean on my face. Yes, it’s feels a bit softer, but at the moment I wouldn’t really recommend it. However I have only used it for a week, so I’ll be giving another quick review in a weeks time telling you how I get on with the second speed setting.



  1. Ooooh I really want to try this out! Just for the novelty factor really haha x

  2. I don't think £15 is really worth it for the novelty factor, but more about that in the follow up review.