Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Brand Love: Miso @ Republic


I don’t know what it is about them. The lace, the florals, the pretty designs or the very fair prices. All I know if that I love Miso. Available at Republic, I had to stop myself just yesterday from going in and buying something when I was meant to be getting a new umbrella. Here’s some of my favourite pieces from the first couple of pages on the website (some that I would sadly never fit into properly, but some that I may buy soon…):

1. Photo Floral Top £16.99
2. Waterfall Cardigan £19.99

3. Lace Tunic £22.95
4. Racer Vest Top £19.99

5. Bow Cotton Dress £24.99
6. Sleeveless Shrug £16.99

7. New Vintage Cardigan £24.99
8. Lace Bow Dress £24.99

I have very nearly bought the floral tops twice now and I’ll be hunting out the Lace Bow Dress next time I’m in store to try it on and see if my boobies will fit into it! Isn’t it just gorgeous!?


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