Monday, 30 November 2009

Review: AirWick Winter Collection Vanilla Candle

candleApologies for the bad pictures – had to take them very quickly before the camera battery ran out.

It’s winter.
I think we’re all very much aware of that. It’s gloomy, it’s doomy and it just makes me feel cold and down. Rather than drink or eat myself to happiness, I’m trying something which my mum pushed on me during Autumn. Scents. More specifically candles and oils. Before I moved back to university, I spent much of August and September surround by the fragrance of apples and cinnamon courtesy of my mum’s new found love of oil burners.

This got me thinking as I left work last night. It had been a horrible day – extremely busy and messy and everyone seemed to have something to complain about. I had intended to got to Tesco and take up their two for £3 Ben and Jerry’s offer, but stopped when I went past the home cleaning aisle. I could smell the candles from about two metres away. The apple and cinnamon oil had been a wonderful compliment to a long day and night, but not exactly my cup of tea.

As I surveyed the candles I found the one which I knew was absolutely perfect for me. It was AirWick’s Winter Collection – Vanilla and Festive Spice. I’m a sucker for anything vanilla smelling or tasting so it went straight into my basket. Thankfully, there was no Ben and Jerry’s left when I got to the freezer aisle so I picked up a carton of Carte D’or Light Vanilla instead. I’m sure my hips will thank me.

The product.
The little box it comes in allows you have a quick smell of it before you buy it to make sure it is something you like. While solid though, the candle obviously has a slightly waxy smell which can be hard to overlook, so go for something you know you do like. The description on the back of the box says “A warm festive blend of spice and vanilla orchid.”, however I definitely do not smell any spice – a plus for me though.

The glass which the candle is actually in is nice and thick and heavy. The tapered bottom of the glass means that if it is accidentally knocked over, providing that it isn’t anywhere near the edge of the surface, it shouldn’t tip completely. However, as always with candles, keep them on a sturdy surface and never leave unattended – this should mean that it has no reason to tip over.

The positives are the smell. I love vanilla. And the smell lingers. I had it lit for about two or three hours on Saturday night and I could still smell it yesterday afternoon at 2pm.

The negatives involve the glass. The rims goes black with smoke so you might want to clean it to keep it looking pretty. The high edges of the glass mean the candle is also quite difficult to light without burning yourself unless you have long matches.

I love this candle, and will probably buy it again – even if I do hate the depth of the glass. It smells divine, sweet and most definitely put a smile on my face after a horrible day. Out of 5, I’d give it a 4.5, purely for the need for long matches. You can get it in Tesco for only £3 – and it won’t put any weight on your hips like those two tubs of Ben and Jerry’s will.



  1. I've been really tempted to buy one of these! I work at Tesco, so i always have them coming through my till and they smell lush!
    Unfortunately i did manage to buy some Ben and Jerry's... the offer was too good to miss! xxx

  2. I love vanilla scented candles. It reminds me of a coffee shop. Oooohhh lal la

  3. This candle is just absolutely lush - you should definitely get it. It doesn't remind me of a coffee shop though, it's more like... having a massive sweet bath.