Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday Finds #8

friday finds

Another week has came to a close and it’s time for some senseless websites to occupy you’re free time this weekend.

Debenhams Christmas Spectacular Previews
This weekend, Saturday 14th until Monday the 16th you can get an exclusive preview of the Christmas Spectacular at Debenhams and online. Up to 25% off all your favourite Debenhams brands, including 10% off all cosmetics and fragrances. Online, use the code P7WP for 20% off fashion and home and code P6RP for 10% off cosmetics and fragrances. The main Christmas Spectacular event will be taking place on the 18th until the 21st of November.

Make the perfect cocktail.
cocktailff Have a treat this weekend and make yourself the perfect cocktail. Using inthespirit you can find out how to make your favourite cocktail or search for one with your favourite flavours, spirit or even colour in some cases. Of course, please drink responsibly.

The image used is by rebecca-lily and you can see the full-sized version here.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!



  1. Cool, I do find debenhams sells nice stuff but the actual interior's so awfull... poor lighting and grubby MDF shelfing, puts me off going inside muchly

  2. Which is why I stick to either the make up section or shop online - plus I just like getting things in the post!