Monday, 16 November 2009

Review: Derma Intensive 3in1 Fragranced Wipes

I’ll admit it. Sometimes I’m really lazy when taking off my make up is concerned. Especially after a night out or if I’ve been working late. I just want to go to bed with a clean face and not worry about if there’s any hot water left to wipe off the remnants of my make up. For a long time I kept a packet of baby wipes in my room for this, not really wanting to fork out more than £1 for something which I’ll be throwing out straight away and with only 20 or 30 wipes per pack. It just seemed wasteful to me.

I was browsing the beauty and toiletries aisle of my rather small Tesco when these wipes caught my eye. Derma Intensive 3in1 Fragranced Wipes – 25 for only 92p. Yes, only 92p. Obviously I was quite dubious when I saw the price, but I thought for less than £1 it was worth the gamble (and my boyfriend might have been grumbling at me to get a move on).

dermaPlease excuse the mattress background – I’m half way through tidying my room! 

That night I decided I would use the wipes every night for a week to see the real effects of them and pulled the first one out. My first impression was that they were a bit smaller than I expected for face wipes, but I soldiered on. They’re not too thin and not too thick, which means it’s really easy to push them across your face and feel the right pressure for you. I was really impressed by how quickly they took off my eye make up. With only four swipes my liquid eyeliner, mascara and primer-ed eyeshade was completely gone. There was only one downside though, in my opinion.

The smell. I really can’t stand the smell.

It’s not that they smell bad – just a bit too soapy and clinical for my taste, but then I’m used to the soft powdery smell of baby wipes. That’s the only downside I’ve been able to find for them. Obviously, face wipes really aren’t a substitute for washing your face with a good cleanser or scrub, but these work well. I had a slight break out of my forehead when I was using them, but that was more to do with the hat I wear at work than the wipes.

So, I would really recommend these to anyone who wants face wipes for when they come home from a late night out, but the smell is not going to be to everyone’s liking. If I had to give them marks out of 5, I’d give around 3 and a half – one point lost for the smell and the other half point for the size and just being face wipes. At only 92p though, they’re most definitely worth popping in your basket next time you go on your weekly shopping.


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