Saturday, 21 November 2009

A little guide to cleaning.

cleaningSee the full sized image by Miss Chien at flickr here. 

Spick and span.
I took the afternoon off of university yesterday due to feeling a bit ill and being extremely tired. Rather than lie in bed or watch TV though, I tidied up my room, because it seriously looked like a bomb had hit it. So I’m going to tell you all a few of my top tips for tidying.

Piles of stuff, to be more precise. My favourite way to tidy is to first sort the mess into piles. Whether it’s piles of clothes, papers or make up, or if you make piles by where things are stored, it gets everything that goes together, well, together! This means that when you’re hanging clothes back up in the cupboard you can decide which items should have which hangers (depending on the garment), or you can put all that university work into the right order without having to go back when you find a page of notes hiding under the bed.

Realistic targets.
If you’re room is really bad it’s unlikely you’re going to get it all done in one go, so it’s a good idea to make some realistic time targets to work too. Promising yourself one episode of Friends once you’ve tidied up your desk is a good incentive to work quicker!

A tidy room also means there’s nothing for you to procrastinate with if you have an essay due or if you’re supposed to be studying!

I hope everyone has a good weekend. I’m working a full weekend this week to deal with the New Moon crowds. I would avoid your local cinema!


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