Wednesday, 25 November 2009

How to have a tea party…

Or just about any silly themed party!

teapartySee the full-sized image by sweetkendi at flickr here. 

The weather has been absolutely horrible the in the UK over the past week – it really makes me not want to go outside for fear of being blown away in the strong winds. So rather than mope about all day (and to have a break from studying for exams), why don’t you have a tea party? Or a milkshake party? Or just about any kind of party you can thing of!

What you need:
To have a wonderful party you’ll need to ask all of your favourite friends to come, and to also bring something for the party. If, for example, you have a simple tea party have each friend bring their favourite variety of tea bag and some sweet treats or miniature sandwiches. That way there’s something new for everyone to try, but also everyone’s favourites!

The atmosphere:
Don’t just sit about in the lounge – create a beautiful party space. Add table cloth (or go to the charity shop and get a lovely patterned old curtain) to the coffee table and some flowers; blow up balloons and fill the room with them; make your own streamers. The ways you can decorate for your party are numerous – and a majority are cheap and cheerful. Play some of your favourite cheesy music or tune the radio to Classic FM – just make sure to choose some music which fits your party’s theme well!

Here’s a couple of ideas for some different parties:

  • Milkshake party
    Everyone brings a tub of their favourite ice cream and some plain milk. Using a blender, add a cup of milk and a scoop of ice cream. Blend for 30 seconds and you have an instant milkshake. Or, why not make a mixed-up-milkshake? Use two different flavours of ice cream and see what wonderful mixes you can come up with.
  • Make up party
    Everyone brings some make up that they no longer use (nail varnishes and eye shadows are brilliant for this kind of party) and everyone can swap around. This means that make up which is usable, but maybe no long a favourite, gets a new lease of life and a new owner.
  • Dip party
    Get all your friends to make a different dip and bring it to the party. Cut up some celery sticks, break sticks or whatever you want to use to dip into them and feast! You never know which one of your friends might be able to make the most creamy and delicious dip!

Tell me your ideas for parties or if you’ve ever done anything like this – I would love to know that I’m not the only silly person out there.


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