Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A little shopping…

To get me through the next month and a half of Christmas festivities and spending money on everyone else. I was quite disappointed with my trip around town, but I still managed to find some nice little things to pick up.

As usual, I hit New Look and that’s where I got the two clothing purchases from last week. This lovely knitted dress is quite cosy and the rib detailing is a nice point, though hopefully people won’t be staring at my breasts too much… Grey’s such an easy and neutral colour as well – I’ve been wearing it with black tights and a black cardigan, but I think next time I’ll through a little blue into the mix. I don’t have any pictures of this at the moment, but it was £20 (£18 with student discount).

The shoes were a very impulsive buy. I was sick of the shoes I had normally been wearing out and really didn’t want anything with a massive platform as I find it quite difficult to deal with the extra height – my legs are long enough thank you very much. Peep toe and glittery and I love them. Though I probably should have left them as they only had sixes left and they’re about half a size too big for me. I don’t have any pictures of these at the moment either but they were £25 (£22.50 with student discount).

And finally, I succumbed to all the other blog posts about them. I got a Sleek palette – the original one. My Superdrug was quite low on stock of the palettes so they must be flying off the shelf. They only had the Original and Storm in stock, though they did have the tester for the Graphite one. I was so impressed with this. So impressed. I’ve been using one of the pale shimmery pinks (second from the left on the bottom row) and the gold/yellow one from the palette over the weekend and couldn’t believe the staying power it had and the pigmentation (over my Urban Decay Primer Potion, of course). It lasted the 13 hours I’ve had them on for and I’m sure it could have lasted a few more quite easily.

It was about £4.87 – definitely less than a fiver! On an unrelated note, I can’t believe that some of the Graphite palettes are going for close to £30 on eBay, if not more!!! They’re brilliant eye shadows, sure, but come on people - £30!? For more info on the Sleek Palettes have a look at this post at Cosmic Candy.

The rest of today is going to be spent studying, working and maybe sneak peeking New Moon… oh excited!


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