Friday, 4 December 2009

The extent of shopping – a full haul.

You might remember on Tuesday I made a little collage of things I had bought and how I planned to wear them – now I have pictures of everything I have bought for myself this week… sans the printer of doom which was refusing to work for a while there. I apologise for some of the pictures – flash and me just don’t mix. I’ve tried as best as I can to fix them in PhotoShop first.

This is a beautiful bracelet from Accessorize which cost me only £8. Isn’t it just so sweet and ladylike? I am worried though that it’s going to break if I put too much pressure on any of the joints, so I haven’t actually worn it out of the flat yet.

This is the second bracelet which I bought from Accessorize and it’s on my flash exacerbated pasty white arm. It’s gold link with a creamy white ribbon and it was only £5. This feels a bit stronger so I’ve been wearing this all day today.

My new favourite shoes from Primark. I normally buy nothing but tights in Primark but these caught my eye and I fell in love. They’re very Zooey Deschanel, don’t you think? They were about £12.73 and they are so so so comfy to wear. The shorter heel also means I’m not a giant. I liked them so much in fact…

That I went back and bought them a dusty rose pink today! I really do love them. They come in grey, but I probably won’t get those… probably. Again about £12.73 - £13 on the label (VAT is going back up very soon… as a side note there).

This was the Miso cardigan from Republic which I included in my collage. It was £19.99 and you can see it online in other colours here.  

Not even PhotoShop could save this picture. Eeeek. But you can see the ruffle detail sort of. It was £14.40 after student discount (£16 for you not students) and comes in loads of colours.  You can see a much better picture here.

Another flash disaster, oh my. Anyways. Here is the dress I have also bought for the staff night out. It shows a lot of boob though. I’m going to have to put a wee tack into the fold over yoke with a needle and thread to try and remedy that though. It was £25 and you can get it on ASOS here.

I’ve spent a lot of money this week – luckily I only have a few more presents to buy for Christmas. And it’s loan day on Monday. Now I’m going to spend the rest of tonight reading about Bonds and Shares – the joys of being an accountancy student! I might post Friday Finds tomorrow – on a Saturday! I hope everyone’s well, has had a good week and have an even better weekend.


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