Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Little online shopping.

craftedbootcutCrafted Bootcut Jeans from Republic £34.99 £25
These fit ok. Might need a belt after they’ve been washed, but I just find it so hard to buy jeans that I’ve started to settle for anything.

craftedboyfriendCrafted Boyfriend Jeans from Republic £34.99 £25 
Similar story for these badboys. I have to add that before, these jeans were in the 2 for £50 offer so really, I didn’t save any money as I had planned to buy these last week.

converseConverse Pink Low Tops from Schuh £32.99 £25 
I’ve probably wanted pink low tops forever and finally had two excuses to buy them – I needed shoes to go with the boyfriend jeans and they were only £25! I was tempted to get another colour as well, but decided against it.

startrekStar Trek: The Next Generation Movie Collection from HMV £13.99 
I’m a loser, please forgive me. I love The Next Generation, there’s just something about Picard. And all four films for only £14 (which I think I may have also gotten student discount on somehow, even though the card was supposed to have ran out about 4 months ago), I know I couldn’t resist!

A little online sale shopping never hurt anyone when I got paid a couple of days ago. Have you bought anything in the online sales yet?


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