Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Ins and Outs #1


I’ve noticed a few other bloggers doing this kind of thing every now and then, so I think I’ll jump on the bandwagon… and it’s a good way to procrastinate from studying.


  • Friends – I know a silly thing to start off with, but right now I probably have the best friends I could ever have at work, university and home and it’s making me really cheery.
  • Christmas offers – Lots of yummy money off savings everywhere thanks to Christmas bonanza! Good way to save on presents too.
  • Nivea Creme – I got a little tin of this in a goody bag and I’ve been using it as an intense lip cream and moisturiser and it’s fabulous. Plus the tin means it’s quite safe from bashing when it’s in my bag.
  • Sleek Palettes – I am so tardy to the party with this one. I only have the Original though, and I love it. I do keep underestimating the colours and their pay off though and keep ending up looking like I’m going on a night out when I’m just going into work.


  • Winter – I hate the cold, wind, rain and the icing up of all flat surfaces. I hate winter.
  • Leggings as trousers – Stop it. Stop it now. I don’t want to see your hungry bum thanks.
  • Body Shop prices – I love your stuff, Body Shop, but I don’t want to pay £12.50 for a body scrub, even if it will last me ages.
  • Christmas Shoppers – Getting in your way, bumping into you and potentially grabbing the last bargain from right under your nose. How annoying. I’ll stick to shopping during the week.

What’s in and out for you girls this week, month or even year?


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