Friday, 18 December 2009

Film Review: Nativity


I’m normally quite “Bah, Humbug!” about Christmas. It’s cold, wet, slippy and dark. I don’t like winter, and this is turn makes me dislike Christmas. I could go on and complain about the comercialisation and lack of tradition, but I shan’t, as today I’m talking about the film Nativity.

British Comedy Family Christmas film sums it up nicely, I would think. I was a bit sceptical about it, but after the bad week I’ve been having I hoped it would cheer me up a wee bit. Which it did.

It’s just really quite funny, and not just because the children are adorable and silly. The whole thing is just so… quaint. I’ve never heard of anything of the adult actors before (except Alan Carr, Ashley Jensen and Ricky whatshisface), so I didn’t know what to expect from the two lead actors.

The film is just brilliant – it’ll put a smile on your face if you’ve had the worst day ever – even if it is for only and hour and half. You’ll probably need to take a tissue with you – there’s a couple of slightly weepy moments. This isn’t for anyone who doesn’t like kids though – it’s likely to be packed with them since schools are getting out, it’s Christmas and parents don’t know what else to do with them.

Has anyone else seen it? What did you think? And! Will anyone be going to see Avatar?!


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