Monday, 14 December 2009

Review: Blistex Intensive Moisturiser

productSorry about the flash glare.

Winter, still.
Sadly, it’s still winter. Sadly. Winter means chapped lips for me. Yucky horrible chapped lips. I tried to take a picture but I just cannot work my camera at the moment so you’re going to get a small blurry… thing.


Chapped, cracked and dry. I feel sorry for my boyfriend when he has to kiss me. I’ve been persevering with Vaseline and Nivea Creme for the past couple of weeks, but it’s just not cutting it anymore. I needed something made for dry lips. Unsurprisingly, I was in Tesco and came upon this little packet.  And it’s on offer at the moment – only £1.59. Check your local Tesco.

Size matters.
The first thing I thought when I popped open the box was, “is this it?”. I wish I was joking. I knew that it was only going to be a small product, but I underestimated how small. The problem is the applicator takes up a lot of space, giving the illusion of a bigger product.


Look how small that is compared to my hand. And I have small hands, girls. If you don’t believe me, here’s another size comparison picture:


There it is next to my BlackBerry curve with nasty finger prints. It is tiny. I think I’ve for my point across though.

A rich and penetrating formula, combining Shea Butter, Camphor and Allantoin for extremely saturated, refreshed and gorgeous lips."”
It’s not lying. You can smell the Camphor a mile off. It smells so incredibly… menthol that it puts me off a little bit. This also goes on to add a menthol taste should you, heaven forbid, accidentally get some inside your mouth. Which is something you really do not want to do. Thus, the camphor also creates a slight tingling sensation due to it’s likeness to menthol.

Use the applicator tip to gently massage all over your lips. Reapply frequently during prolonged exposure to cold or sunny environments – it’s the best way to achieve soft, smooth, gorgeous lips.”
Of course, that really means apply often so you have to buy more since it’s such a small tube. But I digress. The actual product is a white cream that is neither thick nor thin – but it does not look like it should be on the lips. It’s not something I would want to apply in public for fear that I wouldn’t rub it all in properly and would end up walking about with big white blobs on my face. The applicator itself is actually no use whatsoever. It’s plastic, unwilling and due to trying to rub the product in with it I just ended up squeezing more than I needed to out of the tube. On a side note – when the product has been absorbed right it glitters a little bit from being so shiny – definitely not a product to force on the boy.

I bought this product on Saturday and started using it late in the afternoon, applying it every three hours or so that night. I used it all through the day on Saturday and once this morning before I finished writing this post. As with any lip balm, my lips are most certainly softer after I use this cream. However, my lips have been much less dry when I’ve waking up in the morning. I imagine if I keep using this for another week (which I will), that my slight problem will be totally eradicated and I can switch back to normal chap sticks.

I’d give this product 3/5 – points lost today for the smell/taste and the applicator. There is nothing wrong with the effectiveness of the product, I just dislike the smell (and the camphor) as well as the ridiculous applicator. If I had to buy another lip remedy, it probably wouldn’t be this product.