Thursday, 10 December 2009

Review: treaclemoon Vanilla Shower Gel and Body Scrub


It’s turning into the story of my life – I was in Tesco late after work and felt like treating myself to a little something. This time the little something was treaclemoon that vanilla movement bath and shower gel as well as the body scrub. My Tesco are doing a money off offer at the moment – both products are only £2 each instead of the normal £2.87 or so.

The above is the only photo I have, I’m afraid – I tried to take some pictures of the products on the back of my hands but they were just too blurry to use. I’ll try as best as I can though with what I’ve got.

bath and shower gel
The bath and shower gel is quite lovely. It has a fairly thick consistency and doesn’t try and run off your skin the first chance it gets. It makes up into a nice lather on the skin and smells gorgeously sweet – but I wouldn’t call the smell vanilla. It is really quite nice though. My skin felt quite hydrated as well, which I didn’t expect and there was absolutely no flaking.

body scrub.
I’m a bit picky about my body scrubs and I will admit it. One of my favourite scrubs I’ve used was actually the Pink Grapefruit one from The Body Shop, however I hated the Raspberry one from there. I like a lot of grain so I can actually feel it working. When I initially popped a bit of this on my hand, it looked disappointing – there didn’t seem to be very many grains and I wasn’t expecting very much. But, I was surprised. There must be magic in that scrub, because it was absolutely wonderful. Not too grainy that it hurts, but enough grains that my skin felt really invigorated and fresh and new. However, the smell was once again, not exactly vanilla, but a sweet smell. Maybe it is vanilla and I’m just confused?

I like these products. They’re good value for money, especially the massive 500ml shower gel, and they smell yummy and fresh. The scrub does exactly what it says on the tube and I was pleasantly surprised with the shower gel. I’d probably buy the shower gel again, and the scrub too, unless I can find something even better. You can read more about the products here on the treaclemoon website or pop into your local Tesco.



  1. I've just got back from Tesco myself and bought the rasberry kiss treacle moon body scrub and can't wait to try it. Especially if the one you've tried is good, hopefully this one will be too! Love the reviews you do btw! Keep it up. x

  2. I was tempted by the raspberry one as well, but decided against it since I still have a massive pot of raspberry body scrub from The Body Shop left. I'm sure the treaclemoon raspberry stuff will be absolutely fab though.

  3. I love shower products that smell like cake ingredients haha. If vanilla, honey or milk is on the label that's a big selling point for me! I like the price of these as well- even at full price that's not too bad. I'll have to give that bath and shower gel a try for sure. I'm not really into scrubs though I prefer the little exfoliating mitts you can get.