Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Five Quick Ways To Warm Up

Without turning the heating on!

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It has been absolutely freezing all over the UK for over a week now and I’m getting sick of having to turn on the heating. It costs a lot of money, and only warms up certain parts of the flat and it can seem a bit pointless to have it on for that reason. Here’s five quick ways to heat yourself up with out spending money on the heating:

  1. Layer it up. Just wearing a t-shirt and cardigan? Add a vest underneath the t-shirt and then a jumper under the cardi. You might be a bit bulky, but layers are brilliant – I was doubtful of them until I had to walk home from work at 2 in the morning in –5 weather. Two t-shirts, two cardigans and my jacket made sure I was pretty toasty.
  2. Make a nice hot cuppa. Whether tea, coffee or hot chocolate is your tipple of choice, it doesn’t matter – just make it nice and steamy. It gives you something to warm your hands on and warms you from the inside out. If you’re having a hot chocolate why not throw in some marshmallows, chocolate and make a cheeky splash of your favourite alcoholic drink; you’ll quickly forget about the cold.
  3. If you’ve got a significant other on hand, it’s time for snuggles. Cuddles, kisses, blankets and duvets – share your body heat!
  4. Sure, it might only be about 5pm, but it’s never too early to go and lie in bed and watch DVDs or have a read of a book.
  5. Finally, cook something. Make some cupcakes or cookies – the oven’ll heat up the kitchen and you can exert yourself out while baking, no doubt. Plus you can eat the scrummy foodstuffs while they’re still warm for a little bit of extra heat.

How have you all been heating yourself up over the past few days?


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  1. Here Here!

    Currently under the duvet and a blanket watching movies, got a cat on hand to help keep me warm too :) Great tips!