Thursday, 3 December 2009

Seven uses for baby wipes!

That don’t involve babies!

babywipesTesco baby wipes now have little elephants on them instead of that creepy baby 
– and they’re still less than £1 for a pack of 80! 

Baby wipes are just incredibly versatile. And they’re pretty cheap – excellent for students and young people on a budget when you consider everything you can do with them. A couple of pros about baby wipes before I get into the main list though:

  1. They’re cheaper than face wipes/counter wipes.
  2. They’re much bigger than most face wipes.
  3. They’re pleasant smelling.
  4. They’re kind to skin.

What more can anyone want out of a product? All of this is the answer!:

  • Take off your make up with them – they’re much bigger than standard face wipes so you only need one.
  • Clean the screen of your monitor/laptop, they don’t leave any dust residue.
  • Spilt something on your desk or it's just covered in dust? Baby wipes get rid of stickiness, dust and anything else you’ve thrown on top without the horrible “lemon clean” smell.
  • Got some mud or dirt on your white running shoes? Take a baby wipe and give it a good rub – I’ve had some shoes come up good as new.
  • Got a splodge of food dried on your clothes? Give it a good wipe with a baby wipe if you don’t want to put it in the wash. I’ve found this works really well on cheese sauce, ice cream and salsa (on black clothing).
  • Carefully hang one of your radiator – as it dries a pleasant smell will be released into the room.
  • Get all that dried make up off your mirror – and like with the monitor suggestion, it doesn’t leave horrible bits of lint or fluff on your mirror.

Have any of you got anything else you use baby wipes for? Please share!



  1. Oh I love this post!!
    I'm over-run with baby wipes at the moment too, so I'll be trying all of these ideas :) x

  2. wow, I never considered baby wipes could be so usefull!

    they're also a usefull shower inbetween if you don't have time between e.g. coming home from work and going out in the evening

  3. You could also use the same cleaning idea and take them to festivals/camping for a half decent clean!